Win an ATV Polaris 2014 RZR sweepstakes

Win a Polaris ATV 2014 RZR sweepstakes


Today’s your lucky day, because you are now eligible and have the chance to enter and win an ATV from Polaris. A 2014 Polaris RZR to be specific. Up for grabs is the brand new 2014 year Polaris ATV model RZR that not only looks sick, but it rips! You’re basically one step away from being a RZR VIP and you can experience the all new 2014 RZR on July 29th. Here’s how entering the Polaris ATV sweepstakes works. First, reserve your spot to watch the exclusive 2014 RZR online launch on July 29th and this will give you a unique confirmation code through the email that will give you access to the site. Second, for one night only, you are given the pleasure of watching live VIP access to watch Polaris talk all about the new 2014 RZR. Third, you get to win big by becoming a qualified registrant and being automatically entered into the sweepstakes to win 1 of 5 2014 RZR’s. And fourth, you can ask the engineers questions about the new ATV online through Facebook. Get started today by entering the sweepstakes online. You’ve got until the end of July to enter. There will be 5 lucky winners of a brand new Polaris ATV and boy will they be happy. If you are a hunter, trail rider, or just own a massive amount of property, winning an ATV will be one of the best prizes you could even dream about. Polaris is well known for their insane quality of off-road vehicles, their sleek aggressive design and performance. Don’t miss out on this sweepstakes, because there’s 5 winners and they all get a brand new Polaris ATV RZR 2014. Take advantage today, you’ll be glad you did.

Polaris Sweepstakes 2014

  • Win a Brand new ATV
  • 5 people win the Polaris RZR 2014
  • ATV value = ~$25,000
  • Ends┬áJuly 29, 2013

Enter the Polaris Sweepstakes today to be one of 5 people to win an ATV for free!

Win a Polaris ATV 2014 RZR sweepstakes

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10 comments on “Win an ATV Polaris 2014 RZR sweepstakes

  1. Mark Lahnalampi on said:

    Fantastic machine, can’t wait to take my brother(snow mike) for a rip!

  2. michael waugh on said:

    Would love to win this rzr for me and the woman!!

  3. Rich K. on said:

    Shure would love to win at least this one for the winter, my four wheel push walker dosen’t go thru deep snow up here in Wisconsin,And the V.A. Dont give away free ATV,s or Snowmobiles for the winter.

  4. Larry McTee on said:

    I just got married a year and a half ago. My new wife never road a 4 wheeler until I took her to St. George to visit my Dad. I have one would love to have a second one so I don’t have to ride on the back while she drives.

  5. john benore on said:

    nice machine

  6. viveka bergvall on said:

    i hope to win a car ibeive in to have fate that maybe it coulld be me

  7. johnny coggins on said:

    would love to own your product and show it off to friends and family


  9. I sure could use one!