Win a truck with Frank’s Red Hot sweepstakes 2013

Win a Truck Franks Redhot Tailgate Truck Sweepstakes


Enter to win a truck with the Frank’s Red Hot giveaway. The Ultimate tailgate truck could be yours when you enter the win a truck sweepstakes. One grand prize winner will receive a 2013 two-Door Pickup Truck customized into a tailgate automobile. The truck will include additions like: a barbecue grill, refrigerator, television, custom rims and sound system. To win a truck simply enter the sweepstakes on the Frank’s Red Hot website. The total value of this awesome prize is approximately $34,000. Do not miss out on this tailgate dream and enter before the closing date of December 31st, 2013! There is nothing better than the chance to win a car and what is like a car but better… a truck of course! A truck is just like a car, it gets you from A-B, you need one to pick people up, get groceries etc… But a truck can also carry heavy stuff, help you move house, take a kayak or surf board to the beach. Whats more is a truck is becoming the coolest ride to drive. Most kids grow up wishing they could have their own truck. Well know is your chance to live that dream! Not just any old truck, but a Ultimate tailgating truck, pimped out with a tv, fridge, grill and sound system. You know your friends will be mega jealous when you pull up to the next tailgate driving one of these bad boys. You will be the most popular guy in the parking lot! Tailgating is fun and is a great American past time, so make it even more enjoyable with this mega truck.Enter today for your chance to win a truck.

Win a tailgate truck giveaway

  • Win a Ultimate tailgate truck
  • Worth $34,000
  • Enter before December 31st, 2013

Enter to win a truck Frank’s Red Hot sweepstakes 2013

Win a Truck Franks Redhot Tailgate Truck Sweepstakes

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5 comments on “Win a truck with Frank’s Red Hot sweepstakes 2013

  1. Charles Zents on said:

    I love that stuff!.

    Great on any meat.

  2. P.Lloyd on said:

    Best way I know on how to get to the store!

  3. william walsh on said:

    FRANKS are freaking good!!!!

  4. william walsh on said:

    Franks are the best of the best!!!!