Win a trip to New Jersey and private reading from Theresa Caputo

Win a Psychic Reading with Long Island Medium TLC Sweepstakes


Enter for your once in a life time chance to receive a private reading from Theresa Caputo. Part of this prize package includes a free trip to New Jersey! Theresa Caputo is the famous medium from Long Island, New Jersey. She continue to blow my mind every time I catch an episode on TLC. Who does not love to win a trip and this is a trip with the added bonus of a special meeting with the amazing medium Theresa Caputo. The TLC sweepstakes will award at least 3 grand prize winner, and each one ill receive the following; a trip for the winner and one guest to Long Island, NY, where you will receive a private reading from Theresa Caputo. The trip includes airfare and accommodations for 3 day/2 nights and $500 spending money! This amazing opportunity will be available live on the show October 6th, 2013! So tune in to Long Island Medium and tweet for your chance to win a private reading from Theresa Caputo. The total value of this prize package is $3,500. Many of us have loved ones who have passed on and would absolutely cherish the opportunity to communicate with them and hear the messages they may have to pass on to us. If you have seen the show you cannot deny that Theresa Caputo does indeed have a very special gift and if you have not seen the show then you should definitely tune in. Personally I would love to meet Theresa and perhaps connect with loved ones from the past. This a is a unique sweepstakes and not one to be missed.

Enter to win a trip to NJ and a reading from Theresa

  • Trip to New Jersey
  • Private reading from Theresa Caputo
  • Worth over $3,500
  • Enter on October 6th, during the show!
  • tweet to enter

More details on the Theresa Caputo TLC sweepstakes 2013

Win a Psychic Reading with Long Island Medium TLC Sweepstakes

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14 comments on “Win a trip to New Jersey and private reading from Theresa Caputo

  1. yelana applebaum qureshi on said:

    hope to win this I have a lot of unanswered questions that I would love to be answered only she can do so it would give me a piece of mind to get the answers

  2. Joann Morales on said:

    Hi, I will like to get a reading for my 3 kids they lost their father on 1/24/13 and it eas a not so good relation he die sudenle, they have alot of question of his behavior that now they don’t have any answer, and me as their mom I need to pas this sheet of our live, in the past day I been feling his presens and having a feling that he is tring to comunicate whit me and I know he have somthing to tell me but I can’t understand wat his tring to said, we got our son that had cardiac and mental problems, and his dead afect him so bad that I feel that me and my kids need some answer. Please we need some help. Thanks

  3. Melissa on said:

    Would mean so much to win!

  4. nancy drinkwine on said:

    i would really love a reading

  5. Megan Conley on said:

    Im sorry if mty entry is late. I didn’t know about it until now and I would love to have a reading for my mom and I. We both really want hear from my grandparents. Thank you so much!

  6. Bai Xiong on said:

    This would mean the whole world to my father.

  7. Betty Conley on said:

    Really need a reading to get in touch with my mom, so I can move on with my life and not be afraid of the unknown.
    Thank you, Betty Conley

  8. It would be an awesome experience

  9. crystal fitchett on said:

    i love you you’re always on point

  10. I really need a reading i am dealing with some stuff and I cannot get my mind straight. I am so depressed with all the stuff going through my head; Please help me.

  11. Stephney Eley on said:

    I would love to win a reading. I watch the show all the time and am impressed with Theresa and her gift to others. I have had a difficult year and one half due to something that happened to me. I have so many unanswered questions so it would be awesome to meet her in person.

  12. I would love my husband to win this reading. He has gone through so much in his life from the time he was a child. He absolutely needs closure with his uncle who was a father figure to him. My husband is just not the same life has taken a toll on him. Please help Theresa I need your help. There is so much more in this life and when everything is falling apart I know it is hard to find positives.

  13. Nilda Kovacs on said:

    I would love to surprise my mother with a one on one reading with Theresa as we both attended Miami James Knight Center in Jan 2013 front row seats. That was her 84th birthday present and we did not get a reading. It would be such an honor to meet Theresa to see if my father comes through,

    Best Regards,