Win a toaster oven Good House Keeping sweepstakes 2013

Free Toaster Oven Miallegro Sweepstakes


Enter for your chance to win a toaster oven, giveaway 2013. The Good House Keeping sweepstakes gives you the chance to win one of 4 Miallegro Digital Convection Toaster Oven.  The toaster oven is stylish and chic and would be a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It is worth approximately $119.99 and could be yours for free. To win a toaster oven simply enter on the Good House Keeping website. The toaster oven is perfect for families. W all have those big expensive oven in our kitchen, but do you really need all that power to heat up some smaller meals or some chicken nuggets as a snack for the kids? There simple answer is no. You can save $$$$ and time by using a toaster oven instead. Heating up the big old oven every time is a waste of money and really adds to your energy bill.  To win a toaster oven make sure you enter before the closing date of September 30th, 2013.  The 5380 Smartblue 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven by Miallegro is a top of the range toaster oven and unlike the old white one with stains on it (not speaking personally of course!) this one will actually look stylish in your kitchen opposed to plain ugly! Everyone loves free stuff and this is useful and beautiful and can really change the way you use your kitchen. So save some money and enter today.

Win a Toaster Oven Sweepstakes 2013

  • Win a Miallegro toaster oven
  • Worth $119.99
  • Enter before September 30th, 2013

Enter to win a  Toaster Oven giveaway 2013

Free Toaster Oven Miallegro Sweepstakes

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