Win a PS4 or Xbox One Genuitec sweepstakes

Win Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Valentines Day Sweepstakes

Enter to win a PS4 or Xbox One with the Gaming Sweepstakes to show the Gamer in your life how much you love them! This is a super cute Valentines Sweepstakes which could make you very popular this year. For your chance to win a PS4 enter the raffle brought to you by Genuitec ‘The cloud control company’. What gamer wouldn’t love the chance to win an Xbox One? The hardest choice you will have to make this Valentines day could be PS4 or Xbox One? The rivalry lives on and is more fierce than ever before! What side do you fall on in this epic battle for the superior gaming console war? Quite Frankly I couldn’t care less and would absolutely opt for $400 Amazon Gift Cards instead, but hey that’s just me! Its time to celebrate the season of love with a big win and this is a Valentines giveaway which can meet the needs of everyone (gamer or non gamer). $400 Amazon gift cards are super useful, we all know you can by a whole range of amazing things on, practically anything you need! Also if you are on the top 3 referrers in the Sweepstakes you can earn a $50 Amazon Gift Card, hows that for gratitude! You can enter using the link below and filling out the entry form.  You can earn additional entries by sharing your personal URL for the raffle. You can share by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + Facebook , email or any method you like to get the word out there! #GeekLove Enter to win a PS4 of Xbox and good luck!

Enter to win a PS4 or Xbox One

Win Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Valentines Day Sweepstakes

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