Win a new Kitchen Wishin for a Kitchen Christmas sweepstakes

Win a Kitchen DIY Sweepstakes 75 thousand cash

Enter to win a new Kitchen with the DIY network’s Wishin’ for a Kitchen sweepstakes! Are you wishing for a new kitchen this holiday season? HGTV wants to give you the chance to win a new kitchen!  The Wishin’ For a Kitchen Giveaway could see you winning $75,000 cash from and! This is a daily sweepstakes, so enter once a day on each website (2 entries!). Do not miss out on a free kitchen and enter before the closing date of  December 20th, 2013, for your chance to win. The Wishin’ for a Kitchen giveaway is sponsored by Sponsored by the RTA kitchen cabinets and Vitamix. The lucky grand prize winner will receive $75,000 in cash! In addition to the 2 online entries daily you can also enter by mail as often as you like! Mail in entries must be postmarked by December 20th (received by December 30th), (1 entry per envelope of course!).  So if you have a bunch of stamps you want to use up then go for it! Visit and for your online entries or use the link below! Just imagine cooking up some gourmet meals in your new kitchen or baking with the kids. I love a great HGTV sweepstakes and this is up there with the best of them. With free money and $75,000 no less! You could have the kitchen of your dreams and have some free cash left over to take the family on vacation! So enter to win a new Kitchen today! Win the Christmas sweepstakes.

HGTV and DIY Network giveaway

  • Daily entries
  • Win $75,000 cash
  • Ends December 20th, 2013

Enter to win a new Kicthen HGTV DIY sweepstakes

Win a Kitchen DIY Sweepstakes 75 thousand cash

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52 comments on “Win a new Kitchen Wishin for a Kitchen Christmas sweepstakes

  1. Ken Boles on said:

    I want to give my mom and stepdad a new kitchen. It has been the same for almost 40 years. Ithink it’s about time they get a new kitchen

  2. Lashawn Stevens on said:

    I would love to give it to my mother because she really need it

  3. Lewis Bennett on said:

    I Wish…..I Might……Hopefully….YEP….THANKS FOR

  4. Anne-Marie Vonderwerth on said:

    Please enter us in your new kitchen give away!! We would be so thankfulto win we live in his grandmothers very old farm house it needs so many repairs, the frig is 45 yrs old!!! Thanks so much! Good luck to everyone

  5. Wanda Soyars on said:

    Our kitchen is very Dated . Would be so nice to have remodel ! Thanks 🙂

  6. Philip E. Parrott on said:

    would like to surprise my wife Kim, for 20 years of sacrifice, while serving in the US Navy.

  7. Sherri woodland on said:

    We bought a new house in April, the kitchen is old and outdated, the rest of the house is perfect, we can’t afford to update for awhile. I would lve to win a new kitchen! Wishin for a Kitchen in Oregon!

  8. Deborah M on said:

    I’ve been wishin’ for a new kitchen since we got married and moved in nearly 13 years ago. It has a galley kitchen type layout, but then opens up to a bay window with dining and open area that is just unused space. I don’t know what to do with it…we want to add some island seating and match the kitchen to the rest of the house…Please, Santa, I’d really love a new kitchen this year!!

  9. Gwen Plaster on said:

    I’m wishing for a new kitchen for my daughter a single mom and teacher. Her kitchen is around 48 hers old and dreary. She’s working on her master’s degree in education and has so many school loans to pay back that she will never be able to afford a new kitchen. Since she spends so much time in her kitchen working on classroom prep material, I know it would give her a great lift in spirit to have her kitchen renovated.

  10. Christy Brown on said:

    I have never won anything in my life but as an expectant mom to be it would be a dream come true to have the Kitchen of my dreams as I love to coook for my family.

  11. Felecia Martinez on said:

    My kitchen is so small that two people can’t be in there at the same time. It’s out of date and needs to be completely remodeled. I would love to receive a new kitchen for Christmas as I’m retiring in the next two years and a new one is not in the budget. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a new kitchen!

  12. Linda McNeil on said:

    Kids are grown and gone and with all my volunteer work I just don’t have time, but would love a fabulous kitchen remodel……..

  13. Katrina Gomez on said:

    Wishing a new kitchen for my parents. My parents are always hosting family get togethers and need an upgrade on their kitchen.

  14. camille sandoval on said:

    my mother in law has passed four years ago. I been keeping up with the house, its been hard I’m the only one working but the kitchen needs a lot of work thing’s are falling a part because they are old, I try to keep things looking nice but you could only hide it for so long I would like my family to have a new kitchen because that’s where we bake, cook, and laugh spend are holidays, we are always in the kitchen so it would be a blessing

  15. Debbie Ventura on said:

    I am addicted to your TV channel. I even have my husband hooked. Our kitchen is VERY old.. We sit there and drool over the amazing transformations made on the HGTV shows!! Love the open concept and the before and after is unbelievable!! Hoping to win!!

  16. Sondra Todd on said:

    Wishing for a new kitchen, Happy Holidays everyone!!

  17. Barbara Green on said:

    Would love a new kitchen mine is over 40 years old needs up dating badly.

  18. Debi teuteberg on said:

    My mom has helped soooo many people past &present we would like to pay it forward

  19. Keith Duhon on said:

    Our kitchen is 1970’s. The rest of the house has been redone. Due to financial issues we can not afford to do the kitchen. Please help!

  20. Alice Dixon on said:

    This kitchen here 60yrs old and really need some work and up dating

  21. Mrs. Happy Buttles on said:

    We would love to have our Kitchen redone, our Home is a 1960 house and we have been in it since 1999, our Kitchen has had very little work done to it and would love to have a New Kitchen.

    We Need Your Help, Help us with our Kitchen Please !!!!!

    Thank you so much for your time and it opportunity to enter.

    Mrs. Happy Buttles

  22. Norma Curley on said:

    This would be such a wonderful gift to receive. I am retired and on a limited income. II also have 2 of my kids and their children living with me and
    help them with their expenses, so my wish for a new kitchen was never achieved. The kitchen is the original kitchen from 1975, so it is very outdated. This would truly be a blessing.

  23. Darlene on said:

    My Husband built our whole house and when wanting to move from the basement upstairs we did it as reasonable as possible. So got some cabinets from work they were pulling out of Lunchroom just to have some. Been upstairs 5 years now with same cabinets. Oh by the way we have no top cabinets. Actually I kind of like it this way. Sure would be nice to have a nice kitchen. Our kitchen is 14’X18′ Love the size. Dear Santa sure would love a NEW kitchen.

  24. P.Lloyd on said:

    Would love to “gift” this to some older friends with mobility issues. Regardless, it will be a terrific prize for whomever wins!

  25. Dear Santa,
    We purchased our house and made more than it appraised for so there was no money to remodel. My wonderful husband built my cabinets and they are great but my kitchen is designed from the 60’s and I would love a new lay out and updated kitchen. Santa please bring me a wonderful new kitchen.

  26. Ricardo Cordero on said:

    I would like to update my kitchen it looks like it needs a renovation.

  27. Hi, I would love to have this done i know the chance of us getting it is very slim but I can always try 🙂 . My husband an I would love to have this but if you dont get it we will be happy for the person that gets it …

  28. Nerlande Pyrame on said:

    I recently purchased my first home and I really confused in regards to ideas for the perfect kitchen.

  29. Kelly Lessard on said:

    I’m wishin for a new kitchen this season, and last season, and the season before …

  30. norma hernandez on said:


  31. We desperately need a new kitchen. Ours is unfinished. Nothing works. It’s totally dated. We love DIY!

  32. my son and daughter inlaw , kichen was built in 1950 and it i s pink.and she is a great cook . baby 3 is coming in july .

  33. Katarina campagna on said:

    I would love to give a new kitchen to one of our neighbors. The family’s kitchen is old and outdated. The countertop on the center island moves & sometimes falls off. This family can not afford much but have the biggest hearts ever!!!!! They even hold a community church at their house every Sunday . I think this would be an amazing Christmas / New Years surprise. Hope the DIY networks Santa can make it happen 🙂

  34. betty hinnant on said:

    My husbands daddy died in 1980.His mother could not afford the house they were buying so we decided to pay all the funeral expenses and move in with her to keep from losing the house. The kitchen is so small two people cant get in there,its like a small galley kitchen. We have nine people living here at the moment . I would love to have a bigger place to be able to cook in.My husband and I have always took in family members who are on the down and out. I could really use the money to do a lot of much needed improvements. Good luck to all the contestants, but I would love to win.

  35. norma hernandez on said:

    Me and my two yr old daughter would love to win we don’t have a kitchen at all for the past two yrs plz help GOD BLESS

  36. G. Braggs on said:

    My husband and I would love a new kitchen. Prior to our moving in, the original kitchen in our home was poorly updated. Horrible color and design choices were made and need to be corrected. A new kitchen would be a wonderful reason to celebrate. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  37. David McCain on said:

    Our house is 23 yrs old and has a basic functional kitchen. It would be awesome to remove the wall between the den and kitchen to create an open floor plan. Would really be nice to have more room when family comes to visit and would make wife very happy.

  38. norma hernandez on said:

    Me plz

  39. norma hernandez on said:

    Me and my daughter want to win a kitchen plz

  40. Shirley McMullen on said:

    I too would love a new kitchen. My ceiling is falling in. 🙂 the hot water froze and burst, so I do need some extra help. Thank you

  41. Jennifer Hunt on said:

    Would love love love my tiny kitchen to have that French country feel!! Please hook us up! 🙂

  42. norma hernandez on said:

    Me me me! plz

  43. norma hernandez on said:

    I would love to win a kitchen
    Mee meee!!!! Plz
    Don’t have one at all

  44. norma hernandez on said:

    Me plz ♥ to win

  45. norma hernandez on said:

    My two yr old daughter and I would love to win a kitchen

  46. norma hernandez on said:

    Help plz

  47. norma hernandez on said:

    I would love to be that lucky winner this Christmas 2013 plz help

  48. norma hernandez on said:

    Plz help me. My two yr old daughter and I would love to have a kitchen for the first time at our house. We been having to go eat at my moms or sisters house plz help us

  49. Teresa Price on said:

    This is something good for people that can’t afford to do it themself!!
    Thank you

  50. Teresa Price on said:

    I need a new kitchen and hope I win!

  51. Barbara Capobianco on said:

    Hi I found out about the sweepstakes a little late, but I entered every day on HGTV and DIY. I would so much love to win. My husband went through cancer treatment and I went through a very rough surgery this past year. Our kitchen is in need of total repair. We live in a 57 year old Florida home. We can’t afford to do what we want nor do we have the energy to do. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  52. Timothy Larson on said:

    would love to remodel kitchen to make it easier for my 92 year old mother . I live here also ( my house ) and could use the help also haven’t got the physical ability or tools to do job . been diabetic for 53 years and can’t stay on my feet and legs long enough to build anything or to cook. would love to make it nicer for both of us. house is close to 70 years old, kitchen is over 40 years old. its a very nice house with newer upgrades except kitchen. thank you and have a great day!