Win a Jeep Wrangler sweepstakes 2013

Win a Car Amazon Automotive Jeep Giveaway Rugged Ridge


Enter for your chance to win a Jeep Wrangler in this car sweepstakes 2013. Amazon Automotive is giving away a tricked our 2013 Jeep Wrangler! The famous Jeep Wrangler screams cool and you could be a lucky winner and drive down the road in this tricked out version. The grand prize winner receives a  2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This Orange dream of a car aka “Orange Crusher” will amp it up a notch for sure. This is the perfect car for off-roading… or just go pick up the kids from school (whatever, I don’t judge!) but you do have the option to go where other vehicles simply cannot go! The Jeep has a 4″ ORV life kit to clear the 35″ Mickey Thompson tires mounted on the hyper silver Tugged Ridge Alloy wheels! The upgraded exhaust sounds and looks amaze… The chance to win a Jeep Wrangler can’t last forever so enter on the Amazon website today! Don’t be tardy and enter before the closing date of September 30th, 2013. The total value of this amazing win a car sweepstakes is approximately $45,531.00. You know the kids will love this car just as much as your other half, and you have to admit it is pretty cool! Drive to the beach, go camping, go get groceries, whatever you do you are going to feel a whole lot more awesome when you get behind the wheel! The Jeep is synonymous with fun and cool and I know I want to lay my hands on the “Orange Crusher”. The Wrangler and all its glory is something to definitely aspire to and who knows it may bring out your adventurous side.

Win a Jeep Wrangler giveaway 2013

  • Win a 2013 Jeep Wrangler
  • Worth over $45,000
  • Enter before September 30th, 2013
  • Enter on the Amazon website

Enter to win a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited sweepstakes 2013

Win a Car Amazon Automotive Jeep Giveaway Rugged Ridge

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8 comments on “Win a Jeep Wrangler sweepstakes 2013

  1. Cherry Pizzarelle on said:

    I love this! I have always wanted one but due to my family situation I have had to help them with money and help make sure that they always had a vechile to drive. Winning something like this would be a dream come true for me. I know that I have a 1 in billion chance. Wining this amazing jeep would be the best thing to happen at this time. Thank you and company for doing this. I am actually excited to see if maybe just maybe I have a chance. I really love it and this is probably the only way I would ever get to own something this incredible. Thank you and have a awesome day.


    Cherry Pizzarelle

    • Robert on said:

      Hey Cherry, I have won a car before in a sweepstakes contest – it is always possible. Keep entering as many as you can consistently.

  2. Chris Malone on said:

    This is my dream car, and me and my family have always dreamed about going offroad, but we have no money and are in a big car morgage that we might just have to sell the car. If we won this we wouldnt need the other car, and we would turn out to be just fine. I really hope we could win this!!!

  3. scott moore on said:

    Soooo Cool

  4. Diane dobie on said:

    Crazy cool jeep…..i want it!!!!!!

  5. I actually need a new car My truck is almost not able to drive it would be my dream car though. Ive always wanted a jeep and the fact that it would be tricked out is awesome!

  6. vin fattore on said:

    I hate taking the bus this would help.

  7. Richard Smith on said:

    One gnarly ride! I live in an area where everybody drives suburban style suv’s and this jewel looks like a tank! 😉