Win a Ford F-150 Truck Brawny Win a Car Sweepstakes

Win a Car Brawny Sweepstakes

A recent news piece on CNN informed me of the success of the Ford F-150 and according to “F-Series was the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years and the best-selling truck for 31 years.” And there’s good reason for this fact. Americans know and understand the quality of a Ford F-150 and Ford knows what Americans need in their trucks. If you enter the brawny sweepstakes to win a car today, you just might find yourself driving a brand new Ford f-150 truck. The utility of this vehicle is unsurpassed, it can handle abuse in all conditions and is an all-around amazing work house of a vehicle. Thanks to the US government, Ford has recovered from bankruptcy and will continue to produce their best selling trucks of all time. Enter the Sweepstakes today to see if you can win a car.

Online Sweepstakes Details:

  • Win a Ford F-150 Truck
  • Enter online through Brawny
  • Ends September 20th 2013

Enter to win a car, the Ford F-150 through the Brawny Sweepstakes today.

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5 comments on “Win a Ford F-150 Truck Brawny Win a Car Sweepstakes

  1. Greg Campbell on said:

    I am 44 years old and I have all was drove any old thing I could buy and that is not much I just would like to now what it’s like to have a new truck and not have to wonder if we are going to make it where we are going or back my son moved a long way form our house I would love to be able to see my two grandsons and not wonder if I am going to make it over to his house and back with out breaking down my four grand sons would not now how to act we all would not now how to think you for the chance Greg

  2. Greg Campbell on said:

    I am Disabled and my wife lost her job and we can not buy a good or reliable truck
    To get us back and forth to the doctor and to see our grandchildren I would love to take off with out wondering if we are going to make it thanks. God bless you

  3. Helen Forsythe on said:

    I wouldn’t mind winning a pickup truck. My ex took my 1989 F250. It is sadily missed. She may have had a few miles on her but she was a darn good truck.
    Gone but not forgotten. 🙁

  4. Ada Stanley on said:

    I would love to win a truck ..heck I wouldn’t mind a car, I had a 2002 mercury mountaineer, I had to give it to my daughter she lives in another state, but needed a ride to work also she helps me take
    care of my two teenage grandsons

  5. Ada Stanley on said:

    Praying for a car, truck or minivan will do!