Right This Minute Flat screen TV Giveaway (All the BUZZWORDS)

Win a Flat Screen TV Right this Minute TV Giveaway

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Enter to win a flat screen TV with the Right This Minute giveaway. Starting Oct 31st through November 27th, 2013 you can enter daily using the buzzword the hosts reveal during the show! Each time you enter the correct buzzword you will be entered into the drawing! There will be a total of 28 prizes each winning one 42-inch class flat screen television (worth $398.00 each). I love a tech sweepstakes and what could be better than a brand new free TV! Right this Minute is a very cool day time show which always gets me intrigued. They play viral videos and talk about them, it really is very entertaining!  If you have not seen it then you should watch it and if you are not able to get to a TV at lunch time then DVR it! I will do my best to update with the buzzword for you guys! See official rules for more details. To enter get the buzzword from the show and ‘Like’ the Facebook page, you will then be able to fill out the entry form and see if you can win.  So enter today to win a flat screen TV and you could be watching your favorite shows in style!  I love TV and I love free stuff, so this is the perfect combination. 28 TV are to be given away so make sure you get your shot at winning one. Watch the show for the buzzword and enter everyday! Win a TV Right this minute sweepstakes rule! We have all the daily buzzwords right here! Right this Minute Flat Screen TV/

BUZZWORD Thursday October 31st: SIDESHOW

Friday Nov 1st: CABLE

Sat Nov 2nd: Touchdown

Monday Nov 4th: Waterspout

Tue Nov 5th: mystery

Wed Nov 6th: Freestyle

Thurs Nov 7th: Mobile

Fri Nov 8th: Robot

Mon Nov 11th: Zombie

Tue Nov 12th: Candid

Wed Nov 13th: Rant

Fri Nov 15th: Epic

Mon Nov 18th: incredible

Tue Nov 19th: Charity

Wed Nov 20th: Trampoline

Thurs Nov 21st: Awkward

Fri Nov 22nd: Fox

Nov 25: Download

Tue Nov 26th: Kindness

Wed Nov 27th: tailgate

Win a TV tech giveaway 2013

  • Win a Flat screen TV
  • Worth $398
  • Closing date November 27th, 2013

Win a flat screen TV Right This Minute Giveaway

Win a Flat Screen TV Right this Minute TV Giveaway

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31 comments on “Right This Minute Flat screen TV Giveaway (All the BUZZWORDS)

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  5. Susie Moreno on said:

    Trying to win a 42 inch tv. TOUCHDOWN

  6. Susie Moreno on said:


  7. Evelyn Spurlock on said:

    Buzz word is mystery.

  8. Grace Jones on said:

    Love, love, love the show…. Dissappointed only 1/2 hr now.

  9. vera goodwin on said:

    thanks I need a tv

  10. vera goodwin on said:


  11. Tamora on said:

    Mine broke….now I need one….sad month!!!
    I just started watching your show. too cool.

  12. DENNISE HARRS on said:

    I give any thing to win just one of these Sweepsteakes!

  13. DENNISE HARRIS on said:

    I so need to win this!!!! Good Luck TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. dianne gordon on said:

    # EPIC is the word for today.

  17. Eva Kelser on said:

    my tv just went on the blink. I really need to win.

  18. Bonnie. McCrady on said:

    Charity. Yes would love to have a flat screen tv
    Thank you

  19. Bonnie. McCrady on said:


  20. Steifiney Gowan on said:

    LOVE the SHOW do much yo see very enjoyable…. The buzz word is CHARITY…

  21. ANGELIKA Frost on said:

    Just saw your show for the first time , and enjoy seeing funny great things! The buzzword today, Nov.21,2013, is AWKWARD!
    Thanks for being YOUTUBE on TV!!!
    ANGELIKA Frost
    Lakewood, WA

    • ANGELIKA Frost on said:

      I could use a new TV, because while I was recivering from a broken hip, my new neighbors, where stealing everything they could, out of my house. It was easy for them, because, I just had moved into my new place, and most of my stuff was still packed! At the age of 64, I am gong to have to start again. Now I am looking for work. Had been retired for years. Thank you, ANGELIKA

  22. Margaret calo on said:

    Love the show ,new comer to it. Good luck guys.i

  23. Paul Van Pelt on said:

    Love your show, keep up the good work in the entertainment world.

  24. Tom salsgiver on said:

    Monday buzzword is download and I never win anything and not getting younger

  25. Linda Vela on said:

    Today’s word- TAILGATE

  26. Cathy RAVIA on said:


  27. Cathy RAVIA on said:

    Cathy Ravia
    Wednesdays buzzword- TAILGATE

  28. OMG I WON! on said:

    I think i just won!

  29. Kevin B on said:

    better the good, great episodes, you all are very appreciated .