$65,000 Win a Car Sweepstakes Dodge Challenger SRT 2013

Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 Challenger SRT


You could win a brand new $55,000 Dodge Challenger SRT 2013 just by entering this sweepstakes. Tim McGraw’s Road to Two Lanes of Freedom tour and Pennzoil are teaming up to offer this amazing once in a life-time grand prize. Not only can you win a car sweepstakes 2013, but they also write you a $10,000 check to offset any possible taxes you would get form winning the $55,000 car! Entering is as simple as just filling out their form on the link listed below. The car is custom modded and you can check out what’s been done to it on the win a car sweepstakes 2013 page listed. If you aren’t the grand prize winner you also have a shot at some other cool prizes.

Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013

  • 1 winner of the Dodge Challenger SRT 2013
  • 40 winners of the JBL Tim McGraw on-ear headphones
  • 50 winners of Posters from Tim McGraw’s Two Lanes of Freedom Concert Tour
  • Sweepstakes ends July 31st 2013


Enter the Win A Car Sweepstakes 2013 Challenger SRT Today!

Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 Challenger SRT

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10 comments on “$65,000 Win a Car Sweepstakes Dodge Challenger SRT 2013

  1. Josh Jordan on said:

    Thank You for the chance to Win! 🙂

  2. Jonathan Zielonka on said:

    Thank you for the chance to win

  3. Omara Herbert-Hels on said:

    I have been in LOVE with the Dodge Challengers since I laid eyes on them. I went to test drive one, but my credit wasn’t good enough. I drove an RT Classic, & another beautiful challenger! I loved the one w/the sun roof; the GPS system. Every time I see one on the road, I gasp for air; thank God mine is on the way! If I won a Dodge Challenger, I would treat it better than my own kids! LOL! Thank you; God bless!

  4. Melissa Burris on said:

    What an amazing giveaway!! Good luck to all!!

  5. Dale Patton on said:

    GO HEMI !!!!!!

  6. Adam Brooks on said:


  7. Elizabeth Sullivan on said:

    My husband needs a car. He will look good in this one.

  8. sophia on said:

    I love contest. Give me that dodge challenge r srt

  9. Josie Preston on said:

    If I won I would give the car to my grandparents the other to my Brother 🙂

  10. Awesome!