Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 Ford 2014 Fiesta ST

Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 Ford 2014 Fiesta ST


Welcome to the Octane Academy Founded by Ford. Now you can enter the Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 to win a Ford 2014 Fiesta ST. Winning a new car is an opportunity that doesn’t come around often so entering a sweepstakes that can make a huge difference in your life like this one is special. It’s something nice to be able to drive around in a clean new car, get to work on-time and enjoy the open road without causing financial strain. According to the Ford Car Sweepstakes, “If you’re better at eating a donut on the couch than doing a donut on the track you’re probably qualified to win a new a 2014 Fiesta ST. You might even be overqualified but, hey, this is a sick ride so why not give it a shot? One grand-prize winner will take home an all-new 2014 Fiesta ST. And seven weekly winners will receive sweet Octane Academy prize packs full of very cool swag… T-shirts, hoodies and goodies.

Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013

  • Win a Ford Fiesta 2014 Fiesta ST
  • Enter on their sweepstakes listed below
  • Sweepstakes ends 7/28/13

Enter to win a car with the Ford Fiesta ST 2014 Sweepstakes today!

Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 Ford 2014 Fiesta ST

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11 comments on “Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013 Ford 2014 Fiesta ST

  1. Necesito ganar por favor

  2. This would change my life, I hope I win!

  3. Mary Hanks on said:

    Teachers need sick rides too!

  4. Joey Hoover on said:

    love the tv show I seen the fast and loud nomad being built it was a wicked build and dale jr is so cool with his race backround on the track he is to put anyone he runs into behind him. I would love to enter this sweepstakes so please I would only dream of winning something like this….

  5. Tabatha H on said:

    This would be life changing for me!!!

  6. cathy knapp on said:

    This is the first time i have ever done this. I would be blessed if i did win.

  7. Mary Ellen on said:

    Thank you. I hope I win the fiesta

  8. Lashawn Stevens on said:

    I would love to win I would give it to my mother because she is haveing it really hard and she is sick she really need a car if I no that she is all I am all right I can not help here because I am haveing it hard so I would like for her to win it

  9. Lewis Bennett on said:

    It Would Be Real Fun……I WOULD Take it to California Vacation….Shoe it to My Friends……Step on the Gas on highway 1 scenic route by Pacifica Calif.

  10. Hector Saul Doblado on said: