Win a Car 2014 Ford Fiesta and Win 2014 VIP Bonnaroo Tickets

Win a Car 2014 Ford Fiesta and Win 2014 VIP Bonnaroo Tickets


The opportunity to win a car and win Bonnaroo Tickets are just a form away. Sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, you have been given the opportunity to: 1. Win a Ford Fiesta 2014 for free and 2. Win tickets to Bonnaroo, VIP Tickets to the music festival. Entering the win a car sweepstakes and win music festival tickets sweepstakes is as simple as registering for the giveaway. The winner will not only win Bonnaroo tickets and a brand new ford fiesta, but they will also get $1,000 in cash to accompany their grand prize awards. If you win a trip package to Bonnaroo Music Festival, you are welcome to bring a friend for free, now problem. And don’t forget to show up in style driving your brand new Ford Fiesta 2014. Life doesn’t get any better! For both car and music enthusiasts, this is a dream sweeps! As for the value of all the grand prize winnings; that equals a cool $23,500. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Enter the car giveaway by¬†7/31/13 and you are in the running to win all this amazing stuff, worth thousands of dollars. If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you know how hard it is to get tickets and get them at a good price. You also know how amazing VIP ticket access is. No shoving and pushing through crowds, get real close to the bands and enjoy the music in comfort. Then you can use that $1,000 gift card to spend on food at the festival, and maybe some great merch. IF you’re entering this sweepstakes just for the car, then no worries, just sell the VIP Bonnaroo tickets for over $2,500 and make some extra cash! It’s a win, win.

Ford Fiesta Sweepstakes

  • Win a Car worth $20,000
  • Win a trip to Bonnaroo VIP Tickets worth $2,500
  • Win $1,000 gift certificate
  • Ends 7/31/13

Enter Online to Win a Car from Ford and Bonnaroo VIP Music Festival Tickets

Win a Car 2014 Ford Fiesta and Win 2014 VIP Bonnaroo Tickets

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