Win a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Free DSLR Camera Giveaway 2013

Win a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Free Digital Camera Giveaway


Jump on this free DSLR camera giveaway and you could win a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera bundle worth $550. The winner of the Photomorphis giveaway will get the Canon T3 with an EFS 18 – 55 millimeter lens. And you only have 42 days left from the day this is posted to enter the free camera giveaway. Photomorphis prides themselves on providing “Creative resources for fine art photographers.” They are inspired by the art, passionate about those who in the photo community and want to provide the everyday photographer (beginner or expert) with essential resources to help you succeed. Winning this Canon Camera Giveaway will surely be a valuable resource for any new photographer entering the field. We are familiar with how photography often starts as a hobby before you can turn it into a professional business that requires your full time effort. And learning the basics, understanding vital characteristics of photography and practicing are often best done on prosumer style DSLR cameras. But they can often be too expensive for entry level photographers. Entering and winning this free DSLR camera giveaway is a great way to save money on this hobby while learning how far you want to take it, professional or just personal? I personally own a Canon DSLR camera and I find their lenses and sensor quality to be remarkable. Surprisingly, their HD video capabilities have shocked many and been used on television many times. You too could use this Canon DSLR for video recording and production. I actually prefer the camera for video. The focal length adds a great sense of production value to your recordings. Ending on September 30th 2013, get your entry in today simply by providing your email address and full name. And maybe you’ll want to unlock bonus entries to see if you can increase your odds of winning.

Free DSLR Camera Giveaway 2013

  • Win a Canon EOS Rebel T3
  • Win a Camera worth $550
  • Tech Giveaway
  • Ends 9/30/13

Enter the Free DSLR Camera Giveaway from Photomorphis today to win a Canon Camera!

Win a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Free Digital Camera Giveaway

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30 comments on “Win a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Free DSLR Camera Giveaway 2013

  1. Yvette Fernandez on said:

    I hope I win this. I’ve always wanted an slr of my own.

  2. it would be nice to win!

  3. Hi, I would to enter for this giveaway. What do I do for bonus entries?
    ~Erika Rhodes

  4. Jaiela on said:

    Ohh, I hope I win!

  5. aiESHeii on said:

    hope i can win that cam

  6. Angelica on said:

    I really do hope I win this dslr camera. I’ve been wanting to get one of my own even before digital cameras became popular. This would really help me in pursuing the career that I would like to take. With all regards, God bless you all 🙂 Peace!

  7. Rebecka on said:

    Ive been hoping to win a camera giveaway for about a year now, no luck so far! As a food blogger on a budget i just havent had the funds to buy a better camera for my food photography. Keeping my finger crossed to win this one!

  8. Chelsea Brown on said:


  9. Karen Hadley on said:

    I have been wanting a Canon Rebel for years. Just when I think I have a way to get one it falls through. So here’s hoping I win. Thank You!

  10. Eric Jarrell on said:

    Capturing life’s moment with this SLR would be phenomenal. I hope I win.

  11. brian vogel on said:

    1 want to win sweepstakes pawn wizard

  12. Life’s like a camera…
    FOCUS on what’s important
    CAPTURE the good times
    DEVELOP from the negatives,
    and if things don’t work out TAKE ANOTHER SHOT

    I have always loved this quote, it inspired me to take pictures, while at the same time it inspired me to live life freely, and not to care what other people think of me.
    I hope that one day the pictures I take will inspire people all over the world!!

  13. Sol Salazar on said:

    omg! hi ! would like participate ,i’m nervous , I can believe that gfting one! The pinture is beautiful and travel around the world with her incredible will 🙂

  14. Richard Madsen on said:

    Hope for luck al the way over to Malmo/Sweden !

  15. Jane Davis on said:

    Thank you for a chance to win this great Cannon Rebel.

  16. Jack Saba on said:

    Hi all, I am 13 years old and I have a olympus tg 320, I want to be a pro photographer when I grow up so it would be good to start early.

  17. Anindita Farzana on said:

    Oh please consider me. I’ve always tried to pursue a career in photography but I don’t even have the money for a compact camera.

  18. A. Preston on said:

    I hope I win~


  20. devonte lowe on said:


  21. caitlin gibson on said:

    i could really take my amateur photography further with a camera like that. xxx

  22. Paula Lindsey on said:

    So Many of Life’s Events should be caught on Camera. So, that what the mind forgets the camera will capture

  23. shuhail ahamed on said:

    its my dream

  24. Andrew Sloat on said:

    To accomplish what I’ve decided to enjoy in this life I would need this camera. Amen to that.

  25. greg bradley on said:


  26. Douglas Moneer on said:

    My Daughter ruined my camera when we went to the Chicago Aquarium , this year by dropping it in the kids starfish display don’t have money to buy another good quality camera.. Missed fall picture hunting hiking trips because of it very disappointed .
    This a awesome chance to get camera ‘
    I hope I win. I miss picture hunting with my friends and family

  27. Lewis Bennett on said:

    Hi there….I Need A New Camera….I Like Taking Pic…..

  28. Michelle Roden on said:

    Thank you for the chance to win a great camera.

  29. Garry Shelden on said:

    My name is Garry Shelden, I’m in 8th grade at 14 years old. And just like most 14 year olds I don’t have a job to get my family presents. My mom just got a new job to help out for this Christmas season but we have eight kids in my family and I know she can’t do it alone. But instead of buying gifts for us kids me and my siblings are looking for ways to pitch in for my mom’s present. I feel bad because I don’t have money to pitch in. So I’ve been looking for other ways to get my mom something this year and I’m very happy that I came by this site. I know asking for this camera would be a lot, and I know your generosity will pay off someday. So whoever you pick I’am very happy for. Merry Christmas if email does not work call 5036233439

  30. Christopher Spencer on said:

    Oh, I want to win!