Win $65,000 in Gold Giveaway From Dial Soap

Dial 65k thousand Dollars in Free Gold Giveaway 2013


Enter the $65,000 gold giveaway by Dial through their Facebook entry tab today. Dial soap has sponsored a new giveaway that claims the Grand prize is $65k, yes that is what is advertised. And it’s not in cash, it’s in gold. I know, I find it hard to believe as well, but read the fine print and see for yourself what the giveaway really offers. It never hurts to just sign up, as an avid sweepstakes lover and giveaway finder, we all know this is simply all in a days work. You can enter the Dial Soap giveaway through Facebook easily just like any other sweepstakes and if you win the $65k in Gold, you can brag to the world about your amazing luck in giveaways and prizes. I know plenty of people who would do some desperate things just to win $65k and it’s not just the cash. Some people are absolutely GOLD crazy! They would sell their own children! Well, I don’t know about that, but I’m sure some people would do some terrible things to win this kind of gold worth this many thousands of dollars. The 65 aspect of the giveaway relates to the fact that Dial is celebrating their 65 years in the business of keeping people clean. Body soap that is. They are America’s trusted brand, and they continue to deliver clean, healthy skin for everyone and their families. And the grand prize for being a loyal customer and fan is this $65k in gold! Oh and the other 65 winner just get an awesome year’s supply of Dial body wash! Never run out again, never pay to be clean. Best of all, your wife will love you for it! So enter the Dial Gold Giveaway today!

Dial Soap 65kĀ Gold Giveaway 2013

  • Win $65k in Gold! Yes, $65,000 dollars worth
  • Year supply of Dial Body Wash
  • Facebook giveaway

Enter today for your opportunity to win $65,000 in Gold from Dial’s 65k Gold Giveaway!

Dial 65k thousand Dollars in Free Gold Giveaway 2013

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