Win $500 a Week Cash for Life Win a Car Sweepstakes 2013

Win Cash for Life Win a Car Sweepstakes


Through the MegaJackPotForLife sweepstakes, you are now given the opportunity to win $500 weekly cash for LIFE! This money is given to you with the intention of supporting you want for your dream car! You can win a car with the $500 weekly cash (money towards payments on the car). This means that if you won the cash for life sweepstakes, you’ll get $2,000 a month in cash for life! ┬áThis equals $26,000 a year, for doing nothing! That’s more than half the average american’s yearly salary. You could easily work part-time, collect the grand prize weekly cash and enjoy life the way it was meant to be. If you are already doing okay and don’t mind spending the money on your dream car, this sweepstakes was designed to help you with just that task! You could easily afford payments on a 2014 Cadillac Escalade with an extra $2,000 a month. That alone will more than cover your costs! But let’s say you don’t care about buying a new car. This money could go towards you kids college fund, extra vacations across the world. Heck, you could maybe even buy an investment property for even more income generation. Imagine all of the possibilities when you could win $500 a week for life. According to the restriction of the sweepstakes, it does note that the cash winnings will be paid weekly until the age of 75, but by then you should already have a pretty nice nest egg! Enter the sweeps and maybe someday you’ll be able to retire with the winnings!

MegaJackPotForLife Cash for Life sweepstakes

  • Win Cash to Win a Car
  • Win $500 a Week until 75 yr old
  • Cash Giveaway!

Enter the Cash for Life Sweepstakes by MegaJackPotForLife and win $500 a week towards a new car!

Win Cash for Life Win a Car Sweepstakes

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