Win 20 grand cash Pillsbury Pin it sweepstakes 2013

Pillsbury 20 grand Kitchen Makeover


Enter to win 20 grand cash for a Kitchen makeover with the Pillsbury giveaway 2013. You could be the lucky winner of some serious free cash, I’m talking 20 grand free money! What would you do with 20 G’s? You could spend it on putting some pzazz back in to your kitchen. $20,000 free money would give your kitchen a major facelift! Are your counter tops old and ugly? I think we can agree most people want a kitchen pimped out with granite and stainless steel. Not only does it improve the quality of your life, it adds some serious value to your home. Upgrading your kitchen is the number one way to sell your home and increase value, that is some serious bang for your buck. Pillsbury Pin it competition is pretty simple, just choose a pin it image (for your Pintrest through Facebook) add fill out the form on the Pillsbury website! If you have not done Pintrest before, do not be afraid, it is so much fun and little addictive!¬†Pinterest¬†is a way of sharing photos in pinboard style, you can create themes and then end result is super cute. I love free cash and cash sweepstakes are the best type of giveaway. Do not delay and make sure you enter the cash giveaway today or before the closing date of November 27th, 2013! Pillsbury is an iconic American brand founded in 1872. All those yummy dessert products they offer remind me of my childhood and gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside (awwwww). Homemade chocolate cake anyone? Get baking in your kitchen again, your partner/friends/work colleagues will love you for it (or the opposite if they are dieting!). Anyway, get inspired using your Pintrest and get baking and who knows maybe you will be the lucky winner of $20,000 free cash!

Win 20 grand cash Pillsbury sweepstakes 2013

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