Win $10,000 dollars Jelly Belly Sweepstakes 2013

Win 10000 dollars Jelly Belly Sweepstakes 2013


The Jelly Belly Sweepstakes 2013 is up and ready for action. Posted on the Facebook sweepstakes, Jelly Belly Candy Company is now offering both a grand prize sweepstakes of $10,000 and instant win prizes totaling $11,074.87. Together, Jelly Belly is spending over $21,000 dollars in gifts and prizes for the entrants to both the sweepstakes 2013 and the instant win game. During the instant win game, you could win one of the following options: playing cards, earphones, flash drive, and more Jelly Belly branded prizes and gear. Thousands will win instantly but only one can win the $10,000 grand prize check! If you were to win the Jelly Belly Sweepstakes, what would you do? Would you save the money? Invest it? Spend it? Give it away? Depending on what you do, determines exactly what type of person you are in life. If you play the mystery flavor game, you could be an instant winner out of thousands. According to Jelly Belly “Crack the case of the Jelly Belly Mystery Flavor now and you could win $10,000.” So like them on Facebook today to get started.

Jelly Belly Sweepstakes 2013

  • Win $10,000 dollars
  • Over $21,000 in prizes
  • Instant Win Game
  • Facebook Sweepstakes
  • Ends, July 31, 2013 a

Enter the Jelly Belly Sweepstakes 2013 for your chance to win $10,000 or instant prizes!

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  1. Gabrielle Ivie on said:

    Thank you

  2. this is socool todry6 win money for my family so we will no safer any more

  3. Really would be a blessing if I got this money.
    I’m trying to help my fiancé take care of his parents and were struggling