Win $1,000 cash Purex sweepstakes 2013

Purex 1000 Cash Giveaway 2013


Enter to win 1000 cash in the Purex 2013 giveaway. Win 1000 cash and a year supply of Purex Dirt Lift Action in the form of check or gift card. The approximate retail value is $1,060!  Step into fall in great smelling clothes. To win cash today simply enter on the Purex website. What would you do with $1,000? Buy some new tech products, pay your credit card? Maybe you would like to get a whole new wardrobe for fall. The great thing about cash giveaways is you can spend it one whatever you like! Do not miss out on getting your hands on the big money and make sure you enter before September 30th, 2013.  Purex is the best for stain removal and keep your clothes clean everyday. A years supply would work wonders for keeping your family clean this fall. Do not be afraid to go kick the leaves in the dirt, when you get home all you need to do is use a little Purex Dirt Life Action and you will look as good as new. We all know with a busy family, stain and dirt just happen. You are not always sure how it got there, but suddenly you are faced with a pile of laundry and nearly just as many miscellaneous stains! Pre-treating everything just is not going to happen, with Purex dirt lift action it does the hard work for you! Your family will look well kept, clean and smell good too and you can be proud to be seen with them… So enter to win 1000 cash today!

Win a $1,000 Cash giveaway 2013

  • Win 1000 cash
  • Purex dirt lift action year supply
  • Worth $1,060
  • Enter before September 30th, 2013

Enter to win $1,000 cash sweepstakes 2013

Purex 1000 Cash Giveaway 2013

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