Seventeen Magazine Win a Car $50,000 Cash Sweepstakes 2014

Win cash win a car sweepstakes 2014 Seventeen Magazine


Win a Car with the $50,000 cash sweepstakes from Seventeen Magazine. The winner is selected in 2014. All you need to do is sign up using the form on their website and you’re in the running to win $50,000 cash which you can use to get a new car! This is a daily sweepstakes, which means you can enter every single day until the deadline of the win a car sweepstakes. To win the $50,000 cash, towards your dream fund, only one member of your household is eligible to enter daily with only one e-mail address. Ending on January 31st 2014, you have plenty of time to enter this cash sweepstakes daily. Now when you go to enter the sweeps, make sure you don’t enter your info into the trail form if you don’t want to get a trial subscription of Seventeen Magazine. Instead, click on the link that allows you to “Enter the sweepstakes without getting the free trial” above the form on the same page. This will load an alternative form that turns your entry into a simple valid form to enter the sweeps without any strings attached. You’ll probably need to do this each time, when you enter daily. Imagine all of the possibilities when you get $50,000 cash towards the purchase of a new car. You could buy a sick luxury car, sports car or maybe buy nice new car and have some extra cash left over for a down-payment on a home, your kids college fund or maybe even start a small business. This Seventeen Sweepstakes could seriously change someone’s life. So enter it daily and increase YOUR odds of winning today!

Seventeen $50,000 Dream Fund Sweepstakes 2014

Enter the Seventeen Magazine Sweepstakes Today to Win $50,000 Cash to Win a Car!

Win cash win a car sweepstakes 2014 Seventeen Magazine

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5 comments on “Seventeen Magazine Win a Car $50,000 Cash Sweepstakes 2014

  1. I would really like to win .. I have never won nothing in my life

  2. Leslie Reinbach on said:

    I really really need a car. Need wheels, want to travel. 🙂

  3. Cara Depugh on said:

    Need a new car and had run of bad luck, so gotta have some good.

  4. ali rakka on said:

    I hope ill win

  5. Jenny Schnur on said:

    I would love to win this for college