Own the Road Sweepstakes Win a Motorcycle 2014 Indian Chief

History Channel Own the Road Sweepstakes Win a Motorcycle 2014 Indian Chief


A featured sweepstakes from the History Channel’s American Pickers is called the “Own the Road Sweepstakes“. And you now have the chance to win a motorcycle. Actually to be specific as to which motorcycle, you can win the 2014 Indian Chief. Enter the motorcycle sweepstakes today and maybe you too can be a lucky winner. You get the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes each day, because after all it is a daily sweepstakes. The grand prize, as previously stated is the 2014 Indian Chief, but that’s not all. Daily prizes include some awesome gear and swag like Indian Motorcycle leather jackets, gloves, belt buckles, the American pickers DVD set and some goofy bobble-heads of the guys (Franky and Mike). So you’re wondering, “okay, this is an awesome motorcycle grand prize, but why an Indian from the History Channel?”. Well, if you’re a fan of the American Pickers, you’ll know that Mike and Frank are some of the biggest Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts out there! Every back road country location they pick, they are on the hunt for anything Indian. They love the pre-war era bikes and anything in working condition. But don’t be fooled, Mike loves his rusty gold, they just happen to get a better deal on those beat-up versions. But in the end, an Indian is an Indian and they have quite a cult following of enthusiasts. So make sure you visit the “Own the Road Sweepstakes” every day to enter and increase your odds of winning the 2014 Indian Chief Motorcycle and other awesome daily prizes.

The History Channel’s Own the Road Sweepstakes

  • Win a Motorcycle
  • 2014 Indian Chief
  • Indian Gear (leather jacket, gloves, belt buckles and more…)
  • Ends August 12th 2013
  • Daily Sweepstakes

Enter the History Channel Sweepstakes to win a 2014 Indian Chief motorcycle today!

History Channel Own the Road Sweepstakes Win a Motorcycle 2014 Indian Chief

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17 comments on “Own the Road Sweepstakes Win a Motorcycle 2014 Indian Chief

  1. Adrian Newton on said:

    I have always had a passion for motorcycles I mean who doesn’t? My only setback is not being able to afford a nice bike and my friends all ride in fact my best friend just bought a bagger laid out all black top to bottom. I always have to borrow or rent a bike to ride and its not the same as having you’re own so, so this is why I would Love to roll up on the brothers and say its all mine I own it ! Let’s Ride! Ha Ha.

  2. Kay Hix on said:

    I became a motorcycle rider when I was 25 and someone stole my Chevy s-10 truck. I couldn’t afford another car, but I got myself a Honda Rebel 250 to learn how to ride…One muffler burn and miles later, I graduated to a low riding Shadow (because I’m a 5’3″ lady!) It’s all about the road, the air, and the wind, the sights and sounds that you just can’t find anywhere else. Free to be! Love it. Now I’m not a bike owner, so it would be really cool!

  3. peg buchanan on said:

    the indian motorcycle reminds me of a dear friend who loved and owned a few of the older models. He would ride them all of the time. I really miss him , but seeing these beautiful bikes reminds me of all the wonderful times we had together.

  4. mike fryer on said:

    i was given an old motor cycle years ago and still ride all the time .would love to own a new one.please

  5. my dad was the first to get drafted in shelby county ohio.him and 39 others went out west to train to do behind the lines for patton.all had harleys .dad had the only indian that the army had.they took a pic of him in the dessert with it.he came home got a 1955 cycle .when he closed the shop at at night at 11pm all his friends would be sitting out front ready to ride.i had cycles all my life and today at 61 and my dads pic on the indian is right on the windshield.

  6. Dana Walters on said:

    This has been my dream since I was 5 years old and my dad took me for my first ride.I’m 54 and still ride,nothing like the wind in my face.

  7. Thomas Haney on said:

    I’ve never rode a motorcycle in my life, but looking at the “Indian Chief” bike, caught my attention, I just have to have one and ride it.

  8. Dana Ammer on said:

    Have loved motorcycles since I got my first one in 1970 when I was 16 years old. I am now 58 years old and still love riding! Have always ridden Harleys but have always wanted an Indian!

    • Patrick skadowski on said:

      Hey man…good luck from another 58’er. Us old dudes gotta keep it alive.

  9. kirk gable on said:

    I have not had the chance to ride a motorcycle in years, and the Indian Chieftain is one hell of a headturner and would be a real privilege to own and ride. Nice to see that they are making a comeback.

  10. Russell leitch on said:

    Want this bike bad!

  11. Gilbert Burkhardt on said:

    I not only want this bike I need this bike. I recently had to go on disability and I am going crazy. The bike would give me an out a way to feel free again.

  12. Patrick skadowski on said:

    This classic road machine needs me. It would always have it’s own climate controlled storage. I would always put her to bed with a tape of classic rock and wake her up the same way. Most important? She would get all the open road she could handle. I’d keep her all natural in her beautiful straight stock state and make sure she has the best in health insurance.

  13. Deborah Burkhardt on said:

    I am doing this for my husband who desperately needs to win this bike. I think he entered himself also. But he had to go on disability and hates it. He is 57 years old and feels worthless. The bike is a dream of his and I think it would really help him adjust. At least give him something to look forward too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  14. dennis Threlkeld on said:

    back in the day, I owned a 1973norton. an love it, I had hightop handlebars it rode really great it was one of a kind. ID be very proud to own an indianchief. I have a friend up north Wisconsin great guy to party with

  15. Stephen Colp on said:

    In the 60’s I had honda’s. They did not thrill me. Mid 70’s I needed cheep transportation when good weather allowed. Owned another honda with same results Since then my dream has always been riding the best of cruisers ever manufactured.And from the mid seventies ’till now, a blue collar worker who put 4 kids through college, a wife with health issues and not enough money to afford a simple vacation, I’m still dreaming. That’s all I’ve ever had. I’d buy one tomorrow. My wife agrees. Someday. who knows someday that day will come.

  16. Alex Kruser on said:

    One thing I love the most is freedom, and nothing feels as freeing as riding an American hog down the open highway. Live to ride, ride to live.