Oprah giveaway The Great Getaway Sweepstakes

Great Getaway Oprah Sweepstakes Win Ultimate Vacation and 25k


Enter to win $25,000 cash with the Oprah Giveaway.  Win a whopping $25,000 with the Life Saver Sweepstakes from Oprah! Win big big cash this year! 2014 could be your lucky year with a great big wad of cash! Enter the cash giveaway before January 31st, 2014 for your chance to get your hands on free money! Oprah has the best giveaway and this one is epic. The Great Getaway Sweepstakes could see you planning your ultimate vacation of a lifetime! Want to head to exotic islands, explore European cities or head out a cruise around the world? You can do it if you win $25,000 from the Oprah sweepstakes. I love free stuff and free money is by far the most useful thing one can win. What would you do with that much cash? I love a cash giveaway  the thought of all that money gives me goose bumps! Of course I would by a lot of great stuff for the family as well as some good old pampering for myself. My intelligent side knows I should save most of it and invest, but the impulsive side just wants to go shopping and an a family trip somewhere amazing! I guess I’ll worry about the devil and angel on my shoulder if I win the prize… One can dream, but make sure you don’t forget to enter too (or all it will ever be is a dream). Good luck to all those sweepstakes lover out there, you never know when your day will be! Oprah has made plenty of dream come true, may one of our be next!

Oprah The Great Getaway sweepstakes

  • Win $25,000
  • Plan your ultimate vacation
  • End date Jan 31st, 2013

Enter to win $25,000 cash with the Oprah Giveaway

Great Getaway Oprah Sweepstakes Win Ultimate Vacation and 25k

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