New Year New You Sweepstakes Oprah giveaway 2014

Oprah Magazine Sweepstakes New Year 2014

Enter the New Year New You Sweepstakes from Oprah and win a selection of items from the January O list and more! It is 2014 and its your chance to start the New Year the right way with Oprah of course! The New Year New You sweepstakes is your chance to win free stuff in 2014. The sweepstakes runs from December 17th, 2013 through January 20th, 2024, so enter today for your chance to win the Oprah sweepstakes 2014. One lucky winner will receive a gift basked of items from the January O List and other prizes from participating advertisers worth $1,000! Welcome to 2014 and lets start things of the best way possible… with free stuff of course! Oprah is always on the look of for cool stuff and that’s what the O list is all about… How would you like to win the lot? I love a great Oprah sweepstakes and this is the kind of free stuff I want to get. Enter the Oprah 2014 giveaway today and good luck! I think Oprah is great and I really miss seeing her on the regular channels.

New Year New You Oprah Sweepstakes 2014

Oprah Magazine Sweepstakes New Year 2014

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