Mustang Win a Car Sweepstakes

Mustang Win a Car Sweepstakes


We have plenty of win a car sweepstakes that are posted on our website, however this one it a little different. You can win a mustang car however if you read the fine print, you realize that you only win the 2 year lease for the brand new Mustang. It’s still a pretty cool sweepstakes because even though you don’t win the brand new mustang, you do get to drive one for two full years for free. Besides, you don’t have to tell your friends that you didn’t actually get the car. After the 2 year lease is up, just use the money you saved by not buying or leasing a car on a new car and tell everyone you got bored of the mustang! Simple. Win a car sweepstakes by Philly Pretzel Factory is still a good sweepstakes to enter.

  • Win a Ford Mustang 2 year lease
  • Facebook Sweepstakes
  • Ends May 31st

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