Instant Win Game Mamba Live Nation Concert Cash Giveaway

Instant Win Mamba Live Nation Concert Cash Giveaway


Attention all music lovers! Win some instant Concert Cash from Live Nation today! Play the Mamba Giveaway, Instant Win Game today and you could win dollars off towards concert tickets and merch that you buy off of Live Nation’s website. You need to have a Facebook and sign in with Facebook to play the instant win game and win some serious bucks off your next live nation concert tickets. Established in 1985, the Mamba brand is fruity, fresh, chewy candy that shares the love of music! So keeping that in mind, this concert cash giveaway is perfect for Mamba. When you play the instant win game on Facebook, you’ll have to provide some basic contact information including name, birth day, email, phone, and address. You can enter once a day, every day to see if you win one of these amazing prizes. One hundred lucky people win the grand prize: $100 worth of concert codes called Live Nation Concert Cash. The five hundred first prize winners of the giveaway will be lucky enough to get win $50 free in concert cash. Then one thousand and five hundred individuals will end up winning the second place prize for exactly $10 bucks in free concert cash. And finally, seven thousand nine hundred special winners will get the third place prize worth $5 dollars in concert cash good at LiveNation. If you end up being an instant winner, you can then redeem your cash in the form of the code through the live nation page. So get some free cash towards your next concert ticket through the Mamba giveaway today.

Mamba Giveaway, Instant Win Game

  • Grand prize = $100 in concert cash
  • 1st place = $50 concert cash
  • 2nd place = $10 concert cash
  • 3rd place  = $5 concert cash
  • Daily Sweepstakes Giveaway
  • Facebook Sweepstakes
  • Instant Win Game
  • Ends September 30, 2013

Enter the Mamba Giveaway Instant Win Game today for a chance to win $100 in Live Nation Concert Cash!

Instant Win Mamba Live Nation Concert Cash Giveaway

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