HGTV Win a House Blog Cabin sweepstakes 2013

HGTV Blog Cabin Giveaway 2013


Win a House with HGTV’s Blog Cabin giveaway 2013. This win a house giveaway is of epic proportions the total value is estimated at $500,000. Now that is a sweepstakes!  The Grand prize is receive a fully renovated, circa-1800s coastal cottage located along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. The home comes fully furnished and features two bedrooms, two and one-half bathrooms and 2,600 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space. The grand-prize package is valued at almost $500,000. The winner will get a  fully renovated, 19th century seaside cottage located along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. The house is  fully furnished and has two bedrooms, two and one-half bathrooms and is 2,600 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space. Enter by September 13th for your chance to win a house! Picture yourself in your brand new house set in the beautiful scenery of North Carolina’s fabulous Crystal Coast one of the top vacation spots in the world! Are you and your family living in a crummy place and need a fresh start or maybe you just need a vacation home so you can get away from the hustle and bustle once in a while. Maybe you are renting and have no chance of buying a house anytime soon, well this would definitely be the win a house sweepstakes of your dreams and would literally change your life forever! This house is worth $500,000, that is is some prime real estate!

Win a house sweepstakes 2013

  • Win a house in North Carolina
  • Worth $500,000
  • Enter before September 13th, 2013

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HGTV Blog Cabin Giveaway 2013

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