GMA Great Car Giveaway Good Morning America Sweepstakes

abc Good Morning America Gr8 Car Giveaway


Enter to win a car with the GMA Great Car Giveaway, Good Morning America is rewarding loyalty with GMA car sweepstakes, you can only win if you watch every day November 4th through 8th and answers some questions! There are three different Mazda cars available to win, how’s that for Zoom Zoom! This sweepstakes starts Monday November 4th, 2013 and this is your official advance notice, no excuses! This is a great car sweepstakes to focus on this week. To enter simply watch  GMA Nov 4-8th to get answers to the questions you will be asked to fill out on Friday November 8th, 2013! Sometimes the trickier the sweepstakes (the more steps to enter) the more chance you have to win, think about it less people are going to go through the effort compared to the run of the mill fill in you details sweepstakes, therefore the odds are a little better! Starting you day with Good Morning America, is a great way to get going, now catching up on news and pop culture and now it could really pay off, you could drive away in a brand new shiny Mazda! After watching and getting the answers visit to enter the Good Morning America Gr8 car giveaway! Once you have correctly answered one of question about each of those five shows,  you then need to tell them why you or someone you’re nominating deserves to win one of three 2014 Mazdas (submit an essay, no more than 300 words, stating why you or the person you are nominating deserves to win a Mazda vehicle on a live broadcast of “Good Morning America”). Finally three selected winners from eligible finalist entries will each be surprised with a Mazda live on “Good Morning America” this November. “THE GREAT GMA CAR GIVEAWAY” Contest begins at 7:00 am  (“ET”) on November 4th, 2013 and ends at 8:00 p.m. ET on November 8th, 2013.  The winners will receive one of the following models: Mazda 3 – 5 door, Mazda 6, or Mazda CX-5. Here is the approx retail value of the cars; Mazda 3 – 5 door: $37,056.00,  Mazda 6: $41,206.00, Mazda CX-5: $38,275.00. I love a free Mazda! I love Mazda, I have a Mazda 6 and granted it is now a little old I still love it (would love a free new car even more though!).

IMPORTANT: Entry from will only show up on November 8th (in the mean time: collect the answers)

How to win a car on GMA? Here are the answers to GMA car giveaway

Monday 4th November: answer to Trivia question (Where 1. Where is the Instagram couple, Elizabeth and Denis, getting married?) Answer: B. Outside Elizabeth’s grandmother’s barn in Hainesville, Texas

Tuesday 5th November: answer ti Trivia question ( In Monday night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars,” guest judge Cher was asked what time in her life she’d want to go back to, if she could turn back time. What was her response)

Answer: X 1980’s

Wednesday 6th November: 3. Trivia Question (Which supermodel revealed Victoria’s Secret’s $8 million Fantasy Bra live on “GMA”?)

Answer: 3. Candice Swanepoel

Thursday 7th November: Trivia question: (What dessert did Cake Boss Buddy Valastro make?)

Answer: 2: Cocktail Cupcakes

Friday November 8th: Trivia Question (What color are the three 2014 Mazdas that pulled away from the “GMA” studio today?)

Answer 3. Red

Now write your essays and good luck!

Win a car sweepstakes 2013 GMA GR8 car giveaway

  • Win a brand new Mazda
  • Enter November 8th, 2013
  • Watch Nov 4th-8th for answers

Enter to win a car GMA GR8 car giveaway

abc Good Morning America Gr8 Car Giveaway

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32 comments on “GMA Great Car Giveaway Good Morning America Sweepstakes

  1. Jane Shea on said:

    I love watching Good Morning America. It is a fantastic show. Great way to wake up in the morning. News, entertainment, recipes, weather and my favorite people!, and now a chance to win a new car! I am 68 and tired of walking. So, I can hope.

    • shirley baysinger on said:


    • lu hernandez on said:

      Love the show, I’m retired vet, was in the wounded warriors program back in November 2011, now I’m at home just watching y’all every mourning. Like to thank all the other veterans out there too.could use a new car myself for my wife could chauffeur me around since I can’t drive any more, so hopefully I win a car thanks for the show tho.lady gaga is the staff for a great job.

  2. Jane Shea on said:

    I love Good morning America. Great way to start my day. News, weather, entertainment, recipes, and my favorite people.

  3. JUAN PINEIRO on said:


  4. Leone DeVaney on said:

    I have watched all the morning news shows and found GMA to be the best fit for me.Who can’t enjoy watching Robin, George, Laura, Sam. Some days I feel like I’m watching family !

  5. marie haire on said:

    Would love to win a new car. Our 2000 Pontiac Grand Prie has 102000.00 miles. Just retiring and would love something to do some traveling. That would be a great retirement present for us.. The show is so down to earth every morning and full of laughter. Love how everyone jokes with each other.

  6. Does any one know if the essay will be judged or whether it is a random contest?

    • On the show they make it sound like a regular giveaway. However if you read the official rules it talks about the 300 word essay. “The essays submitted with those Eligible Entries will then be judged on the basis of: why the Entrant or person the Entrant has nominated deserves to win a Mazda vehicle, creativity, on-air appeal, and originality.”

  7. wright ilean on said:

    good morning GMA I Love Your Show Ever Morning Ilean Wright

  8. Vickie Brown on said:

    My daughter grandson needs a car keeps in quiting always in shop wish she had need car almost 150000 on car Mu grandson turn 3 need get him Church School and Work safe Good Morning Family

  9. JOHN DEATER on said:


  10. Velma Harrison on said:

    I love watching Good Morning America. It is a fantastic show. Great way to wake up in the morning. News, entertainment, recipes, weather and my favorite people!, and now a chance to win a new car!
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  11. carrie fields on said:

    I love watching good morning America ,it is a fantastic show .great way to wake up in morning , new entertainment, recipes , weather, and my favorite peoples. and my heart go out to robin God is Good all times .

  12. Steven Martin on said:

    My family loves GMA and we could really use a new car to go to the Doctor and to the grocery store. My mother is 80 years old and has to walk everywhere. Please help us. Oakland ,ca.

  13. Abdelaziz Elkabli on said:

    Oh My God the day i miss watching GMA i feel like i lost my breath, and feel like my day is not happy, Every reporter in GMA is my favoratte. So to say good morning to them is my best pleasure. I am 60 years old, my 1999 Dodge carvan is leeking oil , so i need a new car please. And Robin am so excited to see everyday in good health,. And Mazda is delcious and fantasy to drive

  14. Abdelaziz Elkabli on said:

    The day i miss watching GMA is an unhappy day, my pleasure and happiness is to say good morning to every reporter in GMA and Robin Oh My God i am so excited to see you everyday in good health, Please let me win to change my 1999 Dodge carvan which is leeking oil , and Mazada is my fantasy to drive

  15. jennifer and john bryson on said:

    we need a new car our car has alot of miles on it and we lost our other truck in a house fire

  16. carol stinson on said:

    Great Show and Great Crew of individual and its nice watching how all of u can really get along with one another and the fact that u can hug and hug and u feel the love thru the TV… good job and if i win thank you if not i guess someone else needed the car more…

  17. Was not able to see show today, what color were the cars? Red like other days?

  18. celestine.allen l on said:

    i am a 49 year old lady that love watching GMA when i am off love the entire cast. Drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast

  19. Veronica Henry on said:

    I love mazdas and a red one would be sporty, fun and a real thrill to drive. That it has proven to be safe and reliable make it even more desirable. If I should spy this beautiful car coming up the hill and pulling in my driveway. I would likely have to be resuscitated. But what a feeling, to be blessed with such a fine automobile.

  20. lourdes cabrera on said:

    i would like the car for my best friend john.his car is old,and my wheelchair does not fit in the trunk.i would keep writing but that moral of my story.

  21. judy taucreti on said:

    I am 67 and would love to have a car with a heater and air

  22. judy taucreti on said:

    everyone leaves a long note,but me I need a car,no more walking.67 years old

  23. Lewis Bennett on said:

    Wish to WIN……Wishes Can Happen With Good Efforts….Thanks Very

  24. rose lenza on said:

    My car is 2002 over 100,000 miles need a new car

  25. windy zeighler on said:

    hello good morning I love to watch you in the morning good news I wish I could win a car truck.when is your phone do this December.