Ford Make the Switch Giveaway win a car 2014

Ford Make the switch giveaway win a car 2014

Enter the Ford Make the Switch Giveaway and could win a car! How would you like to win a Ford car, truck or SUV? To enter visit the website using link below and watch one of the short videos and then fill out the entry form answering 3 trivia questions for one of the vehicles listed. You can watch an additional 5 videos to gain 5 entries to the win a car sweepstakes. The 2014 Make the Switch Giveaway ends January 2nd 2015 for you chance to win a car! The grand prize winner will get a $30,000 voucher to apply towards the purchase of a one of the following vehicles: 2014 Fiesta, 2014 Focus, 2014 F-150, 2014 Fusion, 2014 C-MAX Hybrid, 2014 Escape. 6 Vehicles 6 Videos 6 chances to win! I love win a car sweepstakes and who wouldn’t want to win a 2014 brand new car! Ford is about as American as it gets when it comes to cars and the have really turned things around with an amazing fleet of 2014 models. Watch the videos and feast your eyes on the glory of the 2014 Ford cars, trucks and SUV’s. We pretty much all need a car and if your car looks a little beat up, old and might not last much longer then this is the car sweepstakes for you! Enter the  Ford Make the Switch Giveaway today and good luck!

Enter the Ford Make the Switch Giveaway 

Ford Make the switch giveaway win a car 2014

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