Flip for $5,000 Sweepstakes Flea Market Flip Watch and Win Codes

Flea Market Flip Watch and win sweepstakes

Enter the Flip for $5,000 Sweepstakes and win cash! Watch Flea Market Flip Sundays in March and win 5 grand! Every week of March you could win $5,000 with the Flea Market Flip sweepstakes. The show airs Sunday night 9/8c on GAC (Great American Country), watch and win. Retrieve the on air code and enter your details for you chance to win the cash sweepstakes. 5 entry periods, so tune in each week and increase you chance of winning! Flea Market Flip is an addictive show to watch. Two teams, one flea market and a whole bunch of flipping. They have a budget they choose items (with specific categories) they then fix up and change the purpose of items and resell them, the team that makes the most profit wins. It gets pretty competitive and they doing some fabulous transformations. Its one of those shows they I can’t help but watch if I flip on to the channel.  The host is a little annoying (Lara Spencer), thinks she is a little smarter and more creative than the rest of us, but when you get past that the show is great. I really like seeing how people can take old items and fix them up to make some great items. Sometimes they make crazy profits and other times fall flat on their face. Helps me get some ideas for fixing up unique items for my own home. Its great to help with inspire you for home projects, that can be affordable and great talking point. Enter the Flip for $5,000 Sweepstakes and win cash! I love cash giveaways! Good luck to all.

Flea Market flip watch and win codes

  • Code for March 2nd, 2014: PROFIT
  • Code of March 3rd, 2014: COMPETE
  • Code March 16th, 2014: MARKET

 Enter the GAC Flip for $5,000 Sweepstakes 2014 

Flea Market Flip Watch and win sweepstakes

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