Discovery Channel | Fast n WoW Car Giveaway Fast n’ Loud Sweepstakes

Fast n Wow Giveaway Fast n Loud TV Show Sweepstakes

As a Fast N’ Loud enthusiast, I know all about (and am very excited about) The Fast N Wow Car Giveaway Sweepstakes hosted by the Discovery Channel. Here’s all the dirt about the win a car sweepstakes so you know how to best enter the car giveaway and increase your chances of winning as much as possible. First, you need to head over the Fast n’ Loud TV Show’s Fast n’ Wow Giveaway site to get started. When you head over to this page, make sure you have your code ready from that week. To get the code, you’ll need to watch Richard and the boys of The Discovery Channel’s Fast n’ Loud Show, make some hot rods and wreck some cars on this week’s episode where they announce the Code Word for that week. Now that you know the code word, you can now enter the Fast n Wow Car Giveaway with ease. But don’t forget the rules! To sum up the regulations of this car giveaway; you have 5 segmented weeks of entering the sweepstakes. Every week for the next five weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to enter the code word with your e-mail address and name once a day every day/ 7 days a week. If you enter EVERY single day starting NOW, you’ll get a total of 35 entries (simple math, if the days are correct). Now here’s the amazing part of the Fast n Wow Giveaway. The Grand Prize winnings! Well, what do you get? We all know it’s a car giveaway, so there must be a car up for grabs, but which one?  Let’s just say you’ll get a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Gas Monkey Special Edition worth $100,000 and that’s not all! You also get a big fat check for $40,000. How’s that sound for a car sweepstakes? You win both a supped up car and an amazing check with cold hard cash. Just the way Richard likes it. We all know who’s idea it was to give away $40,000 cold hard cash… hem, hem… Richard… hem, hem. Anyways, Enter the fastnwowgiveaway sweepstakes now and keep checking our page every week for the latest update for this week’s Fast n Wow Giveaway CODE.

Fast N’ Wow Car Giveaway

  • Fast N’ Loud Giveaway
  • Win $140,000 Car and Cash
    • Week 12/2/13 – 12/9/13   CODE = #BanditCar
    • Week 12/9/13 – 12/16/13 CODE = #FastNWow
    • Week 12/16/13 – 12/23/13 CODE = To Be Announced

Enter the Fast N’ Wow Car Giveaway Today!

Fast n Wow Giveaway Fast n Loud TV Show Sweepstakes

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78 comments on “Discovery Channel | Fast n WoW Car Giveaway Fast n’ Loud Sweepstakes

  1. #banditcar

  2. bob safranski on said:

    love the show

  3. Mike Jovanovic Jr. on said:

    AWSOME car and fast n loud it love the show . I record the show on my hopper every Tuesday so I don’t miss the show in sioux city iowa. AWSOME show.

  4. Eric Brown on said:

    Im from Oklahoma and when i see old cars& trucks i think hey i bet rich would love to get this. I love the show and im coming to see the shop and bsr real soon

  5. Donna Cohen on said:


  6. Ramairez Turner on said:

    Really love the show. Im watching the smokey and the bandit episode right Now. I can see myself in that Trans Am.

  7. loretta nelson on said:

    I love that car I grew up on watching smoking in the bandit and a few other movies he done love that guy

  8. James Helton on said:

    We love this show my wife and says I look like Richard that’s a good thing

  9. Charles smith on said:

    Is this a slam can’t enter

  10. mike morphis on said:


  11. awosom!!!

  12. darron Jackson on said:

    Love the car

  13. Harold Fuller on said:

    I love this show. Fast N Loud is the #1 show to watch if you love building Hot Rods.
    I’m from N.H. and I see a lot of awesome Hot Rods.

  14. cool car

  15. stacy mcnally on said:

    love the show ..don’t miss for nothing,, fast N loud

  16. wayne phillips on said:

    cool show

  17. Reynaldo Pena Sr on said:

    In 1986 all thrue high school I had a 79 Trans Am with the 455 motor exactly like Bandit 1 I joined Army and had to sell it One day I dreamed I would get another and keep living young and free into my older years “God Bless America”

  18. jerry miller on said:

    love the show, but whats with the engine buidler

  19. I love to watch fast n loud

  20. Ray Dusenberry on said:

    let it rip potato chip!

  21. jerry miller on said:

    love the show, but what is with the engine builder

  22. Ronald Barrett "DOC" on said:

    I’ve been watching your show since it started and you do a great job on all your cars, trucks and my favorite bikes. The 70′s were the best time in this life time and Burt kicks ass… Thanks for bringing back the 70′s guys

  23. MICHAEL MELTON on said:


  24. Ricky Ford on said:


  25. hector quintanilla jr on said:

    Good job guys

  26. Tony norris on said:

    the bandit car is my dream car

  27. J.D Kutscherousky on said:

    I love the show I’ve always wanted to build an old car myself but have never had the money it’s awesome

  28. Jerry Price on said:

    The show is two words. Bad ASS…….. Love it…
    The car is the same. Bad ASS…….

  29. Nigel S Stewart on said:

    Love your show watch as much as I can if I am at work I dvr it

  30. Michael J Allen on said:

    My 5 year old boy asked me dad why are you doing this because mom said it cant be won, so I said well that’s the reason son. you see you’ve got to stop thinkin so negative son I aint never not won it yet have i

  31. larry m bledsoe on said:

    fast n loud is the best show on tv sonbitch haha

  32. U shows is cool that look like a great car

  33. kevin trost on said:

    love the show!!

  34. myron sneed on said:

    I love Monday nights watching Fast & Loud! The episode I enjoyed the most was the one with the black lincoln. It Would be really awsome to be the beer guy on the show. I enjoy seeing Richard annoy (Sue)! Great Show!

  35. Todd Grimsley on said:

    I am 44 years old and love that year trans am,and heck even nbetter the guys I watch at your shop made it better!just like all the other rides you guys get your hands on.The car rocks I just finished watching you guys slap in the new rebuilt for the 2 time /motor.great renactment guys quit nice.I watch your show religiously,mainly becuse of the cars but also the knowledge I am gaining from your guys in the shop.awsome.I am a motor head and would cherisdh a ride like that.thanks for your time…..

    • Todd Grimsley on said:

      your show rocks!I am a 44 year old motor head and love the work you guys do.I watched your show again tonight fantastic trans am!

  36. Charles DiGeorgio, Jr. on said:

    Love the movie and car. Awesome.

  37. stephen on said:

    love the show you monkeys are the best go monkeys go

  38. Mary m.Jimenez on said:

    Can’t wait to drive the bandit

  39. HOWARD J MARSKI JR on said:


  40. Jason Page on said:

    hell yah the first ever monkeybird Pontiac. Love it got to get

  41. David Vollman on said:

    love the show watch it all the time great show

  42. David Vollman on said:


  43. What’s up

  44. Kyle Greer on said:

    Great show why didn’t they drop in a crate motor in at the start of the build hard to believe didn’t check motor closer at start had bad luck with motor builder

  45. david courson on said:

    love your show I watch every week fun fun fun love to see Richard in person keep up the good work.

  46. I watched the replay at 1:00am for the 12/9 code and still missed it!

  47. gerald burgess on said:

    they thought the motor in the car was good that way they did not put a crate motor in at first and they tried to save money all so

  48. Charles westerfield on said:

    Man I need this car my dad had a firebird that looked the same he passed when I was 12 been looking ever since

  49. James Graebner on said:

    east bound and down

  50. I bet your dad would be proud keep up the good work

  51. I love the show never miss a show I love cars and try to do what what you guys do but just cant I am car crazy you can ask my wife she stays on me because thats all ill talk about it would be a dream of mine to win the trans am grew up watching the bandit I have seen all the movies

  52. BanditCar

  53. clint myers on said:

    love the bandit

  54. Brandon Rylant on said:

    love the show and the Bandit car and Richard is cool as hell

  55. Blair Corcoran on said:

    love the show love the car I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. James Mcdonald on said:

    Love the show

  57. joe silfies on said:

    i’ve been late for work because of you guys, so thanks lost my job and my car so i really need one…lol…………. love you guys

  58. Love this show

  59. Love the show! Record every episode and my son and I watch them over and over! Can’t wait to drive the Bandit!

  60. Donna Cohen on said:


  61. kenneth bush on said:

    I owned the same TA while I was working in Germany. I had a 1973 TA loved both, it would be great to have this one. I built some fast car in my early years.

  62. james allen on said:

    I had a 79 in high school which was stolen …I still remember doing donuts ….hope once again to terorize the neighborhood with this black trans am……

  63. Kevin B on said:

    Best car show on tv. Only wish someone would do something like this on the east coast

  64. I had a trans am when I was in my 20 I miss the feeling of all those horses under my hood would love to drive the bandit s trams am bring back all my memorres of my younger day love the show

  65. phil ciaccio on said:

    love the show , love Pontiacs

  66. Anybody know the code for week of December 16th

  67. I am watching Moonshiners and it flashed Banditassistant
    I entered it in and it took it, so i guess that is right.

  68. The code for 12/16-12/23 is #BanditAssistant

  69. Travis Cromwell on said:

    Sweet , had a red 79. Firebird . I was broke and it over heated an ran like crapp.

  70. Travis Cromwell on said:

    I just did

  71. Lizette Santana on said:

    Love the show.

  72. Kevin Mikos on said:

    Anyone know what the new code is?

  73. Kevin Mikos on said:

    Merry Christmas by the way

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