Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes 2013

Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes Prize Pack 2013


Enter the Time Warner sponsored Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes today to win 1 of 5 amazing family-themed prize packs. The exact prize pack is not revealed, but must be pretty amazing considering what these guys are always up to. Maybe it could be a cool meet and greet with the duck Dynasty gang? Or what about a duck hunting trip with the duck dynasty family? Who knows! But at least you know it’s got to be something pretty cool. Imagine winning this Duck Dynasty sweepstakes and getting to interact with some of these crazy characters. Who’s your favorite guy from the TV show? Personally, I think they are all a bit way to dramatic. They seem to be putting on a show adding drama to non-dramatic events, but the one true and real person in the show is definitely Phil Robertson. He keeps it real. He just shows up randomly, says what he needs to say and keeps confrontation down to a minimum. He seems to pride himself on being a man’s man and even reminding everyone about how he used to be better at football than Terry Bradshaw back at Louisiana Tech. Now, it seems odd that someone would give up football simply because it interfered with duck hunting season, but it’s this type of passion and commitment that made Phil a success! And this is why he deserves the respect he commands on the duck dynasty show. He’s the man who created it all, and responsible for creating the Duck Commander empire. So make sure you enter this sweepstakes today for your chance to win one of five possibly amazing family-themed prize packs.

Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes 2013

Enter the Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes 2013 today to win an awesome family-themed Prize!

Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes Prize Pack 2013

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2 comments on “Duck Dynasty Sweepstakes 2013

  1. Lucy Williams on said:

    Si is the man. He is the life of the party and if you have a bad day, you can come home and watch him on Duck Dynasty and your worries and stress are gone. E

  2. Jennie on said:

    I go with Phil and Miss Kay! They are THE COUPLE!!!

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