Downton Abbey PBS Sweepstakes Are you a Superfan?

PBS Downton Abbey Are you a superfan Sweepstakes

Enter the Downton Abbey PBS Sweepstakes, the Are you a Superfan? Sweepstakes is all for you Downton Abbey lovers out there! Did you spend the majority of last year eagerly awaiting season 4 of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece? Is Sunday evening the part of the weekend you anticipate the most? Is #PBSDownton on most of your social media posts? Take the super fun PBS quiz to find out if you are a Superfan and win one of three Superfan prize packs! Enter this awesome PBS sweepstakes today and don not forget to tune into Downton Abbey on PBS Masterpiece on Sunday!  I love Downton Abbey, the drama, the costumes the house! Maybe its because I am from Yorkshire and it makes me think of my hometown, but this show is  must watch! The Downton Abbey Sweepstakes could see you winning the following prizes: A Kindle Fire HD 7″, a Downton Abbey Masterpiece T-Shirt, and a Downton Abbey Tote Bag! Personally I was a little devastated when Matthew died at the end of season three (sob sob), and did wonder if I could possibly still enjoy the show come season 4. I would love to walk around with my new Downton Tote bag, striking up conversations about the show with my fellow Downton Appreciators out there, any excuse to talk about it! I need not worry the show is evolving just beautifully and I love how it changes with the times! This is a great tech giveaway, I love free Kindles! If you have never watched the show it is not too late to order a box set and catch up, in fact I implore you to do so. When you enter the sweepstakes you will automatically be subscribed the Best of PBS monthly newsletter  : ) and receive other updates from PBS. Enter the Downton Abbey PBS Sweepstakes today and good luck super fans!

Enter the Downton Abbey PBS sweepstakes 2014

PBS Downton Abbey Are you a superfan Sweepstakes

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