Discovery Channel | UnWrapped Week Sweepstakes Secret Codes Revealed

Discovery Channel's UnWrapped Week Sweepstakes Secret Codes Revealed

This week, hosted by the Discovery Channel  is the one and only, UnWrapped Week Sweepstakes and you will need to get the Secret Codes to help you win at least one of eight amazing prizes. You will get the opportunity to win a Discovery prize pack each day this week. Each night the secret code to this unwrapped week sweepstakes will be revealed on a Discovery Channel prime-time show. Here is the list of shows to watch to find the secret code: Sunday at 8pm – Naked & Afraid, Monday at 9pm – Fast N’ Loud, Tuesday at 8pm – Moonshiners, Wednesday at 9pm – Fast N’ Loud Thursday at 9pm – Call of the Wildman, Friday at 9pm-  Gold Rush, Saturday at 9pm – Naked & Afraid and Sunday at 9pm – Alaska: The Last Frontier. Watch each of these shows everyday and you will get the secret code to enter this daily sweepstakes by the Discovery Channel! This is a jammed packed week of amazing shows all brand new episodes to close out the fall season with action guts and glory! From illegal moonshiners to the insane bravery of tackling the wild while being naked and definitely afraid. The discovery channel’s line up of reality TV shows are dramatic, informative and mind boggling all at the same time. We all wish that we could do one of these adventures or tasks that are depicting all this week on the Discovery Channel unwrapped. It’s the season to win a prize every night on Discovery during the Unwrapped week this week.

Discovery Unwrapped Week

  • Win Tons of Prizes
  • Daily Sweepstakes
  • Watch to get the Daily Secret Code
    • 12/9/13    Fast N’ Loud: Secret Code: GhostOfChristmasFast
    • 12/10/13 Moonshiners: Secret Code
    • 12/12/13 Fast N’ Loud: Secret Code
    • 12/13/13 Call of the Wildman: Secret Code
    • 12/14/13 Gold Rush: Secret Code
    • 12/15/13 Naked & Afraid: Secret Code
    • 12/16/13 Alaska: The Last Frontier: Secret Code

 Enter to Win the Discovery Unwrapped Sweepstakes Today!

Discovery Channel's UnWrapped Week Sweepstakes Secret Codes Revealed

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  1. Freebyrd on said:

    What’s 12/10 code?