Dearfoams Weekly Giveaway 2013

Dearfoams Weekly Giveaway 2013 Free Slipper Shoes


Have you ever tried Dearfoams before? No? You never heard of them! Well, now’s the time to check them out. Enter their online giveaway on Facebook weekly to win a pair of their super lush, super plush slippers each week. Established in 1947, the Dearfoams brand tells you to “make yourself comfortable” and boy do you, when you have a pair of their slippers on. The Dearfoams slipper company love comfort, at home they live it, and at work they create it. When it comes to Dearfoams products, they’ve pretty much perfect it. The comfort you get from Dearfoams is more than just cozy and relaxing. It’s that feeling of incredible softness, effortlessly chic style and of course, the unbelievable comfort everyone craves. Their mission is simple, spread comfortable happiness across the globe. Everyone wishes they can wear their slippers to work or even at the mall, and Dearfoams make this dream a reality. Their slippers have been around for decades and the business is clearly successful. Their shoes represent trendy and stylish exteriors with some serious comfort built in. Because when you think about it, they’re really just fancy looking slippers. When you head over to their Facebook giveaway online, you’ll realize that you can enter nearly everyday! You’ll see if you win each week and just keep entering if you don’t win. My wife would kill to have such comfortable shoes, so I think I’ll be entering this contest for her each week. Let’s see if we win! Dearfoams look so comfortable and amazing, I can’t wait to see the weekly results of the winners from this Facebook giveaway. Win some free Dearfoams and enjoy life in comfort!

Dearfoams Weekly Giveaway 2013

  • Free pair of Dearfoams slippers
  • Facebook giveaway
  • Make your life comfortable
  • End date: unknown

Enter today for your chance to win Dearfoams slippers with this weekly giveaway!

Dearfoams Weekly Giveaway 2013 Free Slipper Shoes

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