Comcast My Account cash giveaway

Comcast 25000 Thousand Dollar Free Cash Sweepstakes


Enter to win the cash giveaway with the Comcast My Account sweepstakes! You could win a colossal $25,00 cash with this epic Comcast sweepstakes. It is not often a  big cable provider like Comcast has a cash giveaway this big, so don’t miss out! I love free money, you love free money we all love the chance to win money! This sweepstakes only runs until  11:59:59 pm E.T. on November 27th, 2013, so getting yourself entering today! What would you do with $25,000 free cash? I’m thinking a nice free vacation to Europe and a shopping spree or the more practical side say to save it for a new car, ah decisions, decisions! The grand prize winner will receive $25,000 in cash (mmmmmm cold hard cash). The Winner will be picked at random from among all eligible entries on or about January 6th, 2014. To enter simply visit the sweepstakes link (see below) and follow the instructions to enter.  Enter everyday (woop woop loving daily sweepstakes) for more chances to win. The more you sign in the better your chances to win! Two ways to enter, online (easier) and mail in. Even non Comcast customers can mail in (sweeeet!). TV is my world, as a stay at home mom and sweepstakes blogger the TV is my friend (helps me find the best giveaways to share with you guys!). It is where I found the Comcast cash sweepstakes after all. So without my beloved Comcast I could have got stuff with a Satellite provider (no thanks to weather dependent viewing!). Comcast rule, with paperless billing, Parental controls and ability to watch TV online! Enter the cash giveaway today and you could be splurging on some things you want in 2014!

Enter to win $25,000 cash sweepstakes

Comcast 25000 Thousand Dollar Free Cash Sweepstakes

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