CBS $5,000 Cash Sweepstakes

CBS Win 5000 Cash Sweepstakes


Win $5,000¬†cash sweepstakes courtesy of CBS to celebrate the Fall preview. The fall means lots of different things to different people. Perhaps it is back to school or college? Maybe you look forward to the leaves changing color and the chill in the air. Or alternatively if you are like me you get excited by the return on decent TV shows! So lets celebrate the end of summer and the return of our favorite shows. What better way to celebrate than with $5,000 cash sweepstakes.¬†Have a little fun and imagine you just got handed a check for 5,000 big ones! What would you spend it on? Or would you play it safe and keep it all in a savings account while you mull it over. To enter the $5,000 cash sweepstakes simply visit the CBS website and make sure you enter before September 13th 2013 for your chance to lay your hands on the cold hard cash. CBS is a network responsible for some of my favorite shows. The Big Bang Theory is a staple show that always gets a laugh, who doesn’t love Sheldon the super nerd. Also I have to admit I’m a sucker for good crime drama to sink their teeth into, and CBS has those, Criminal Minds and CSI are my favorite. I personally can’t wait to see the conclusion of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The new show ‘Under the Dome’ has me totally addicted…. Ok so maybe I have a TV problem, but hey who doesn’t? The only thing I love more than TV is money (and maybe food) so you can imagine my excitement of the thought of a $5,000 cash sweepstakes, who doesn’t love a god cash giveaway?

Enter to win $5,000 Cash Sweepstakes

  • $5,000 Cash Giveaway
  • Enter to win on CBS website
  • Enter before September 13th 2013

Enter to win CBS $5,000 cash giveaway

CBS Win 5000 Cash Sweepstakes

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One comment on “CBS $5,000 Cash Sweepstakes

  1. Glenn Coffman on said:

    I ve only missed one entry in 20 years,.power went out I sliped on deadline. This is my year to win.