$75,000 Fast ‘n Loud Diet Dew Pedal to the Metal Sweepstakes

75000 Fast n Loud Diet Dew Pedal to the Metal Sweepstakes

Calling all Dew Crew, introducing the Pedal to the Metal Sweepstakes! If you watch the TV Show Fast ‘n Loud, like me, you’ll be excited to hear that you can win a car from those guys. But not just any old car Richard or Aaron made, you can win the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevy Nomad that  was custom built for Dale Jr. To take on a road trip with his buddies. So today you not only have a chance to win a amazing custom Chevy Nomad worth $75,000, but you can win a piece of history. You too could share the driver seat with one of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time! Entering this Diet Dew Sweepstakes is a great opportunity and so unique. When I watched the Fast ‘n Loud last night and saw that Chevy Nomad, I got a little jealous, but knowing that you (or me) could this sick ride is simply unbelievable. Here on Sweepsmaniac, we’ve posted win a car sweepstakes over and over again (a lot are to win Corvettes, Mustangs, Chargers, Challengers… great muscle cars of the present), but never have we ever been able to share a sweepstakes to win a car with such notoriety, prestige, and class. Besides the fact that this Nomad is worth $75,000, you could win something that was custom built by the Gas Monkey crew, ridden for two weeks by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and forever entombed in television history. Diet Dew is a big sponsor of Dale Jr. and it is the collaboration between Diet Dew and the Discovery channel network that brings you this once in a life opportunity. Fast ‘n Loud is a great discovery TV show and it is super cool of them to help sponsor this Pedal to the Metal sweepstakes. Win this sweepstakes, own a car that was once Dale Jr’s and create your own road trip of the century!

Fast ‘n Loud Pedal to the Metal Diet Dew Sweepstakes

  • Win a Chevy Nomad
  • Win a Car worth $75,000
  • Win Dale Jr’s Car
  • Starts: 9/2/13
  • Ends: 10/15/13

Enter the Pedal to The Metal Sweepstakes from Fast n Loud to Win Dale Jr’s Chevy Nomad today!

75000 Fast n Loud Diet Dew Pedal to the Metal Sweepstakes

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48 comments on “$75,000 Fast ‘n Loud Diet Dew Pedal to the Metal Sweepstakes

  1. William Colby Ellison on said:

    The nomad is beautiful I would love to be the extremely proud owner

  2. Aaron Reynolds on said:

    To win this beast ,would mean the world to me .one of my dream car.to own it would make me the happest man on this earth

  3. Russell Patten on said:

    Freakin awesome ride

  4. dale j blice on said:

    this win would make my day 56 nomad is one of my favorites ever sure would be great to win for my retirement show car

  5. Jim holcomb on said:

    that car totally rocks and it would be a pleasure to own That bad ass ride.

  6. John,G Cejnowski on said:

    i would love to have that car i love the show fast and loud and dale,Jr is my number one race car driver and man i would love to have that nomad it looks so good it makes me cry and i would love to have that car to be my first car.

  7. James Bass on said:

    disabled father off four. Seems like every corner we turn theirs a wall falling on us. big fan of jr and gas monkey. badass car guys. love all u guys,Bass family.

  8. Rafael Fourquet on said:

    Why don’t you guys take a well deserve vacation down here in Puerto Rico and brig that Nomad with you, so I can proudly show it around the island and of course keep it in my garage.

  9. sabrina Villarreal on said:

    I would love to win this car for my husband Richard I’m always sick and we have 7 kids 5 grandkids and he works very hard to give us what we need then he comes home and helps me with a lot of things around the house and with the kids I would love to just give him something in return he is a very good husband and a great father and grandfather so please let me win so I can give it to him!!!!!!!!!!

  10. joe vasquez on said:

    Go mountain dew & fast n loud go I like the show!!!

  11. Harold Kobisky on said:

    Nice Ride! I’ll look great drivin’ it!!!
    Great job Monkeys!!!

  12. I Would Love To Have A Car Like This Awesome

  13. Zachary g on said:

    Wonderful looking car would love to have it.

  14. Rodney D. on said:

    Gots to have that gomad to cruise down Congress Ave. In AUSTIN TEXAS !!!!

  15. sandra sparks on said:

    I would love to win this car .I would love to give it to my husband of 30 years. he has always been there for me. he broke his neck and back on the job. trying to pay the bills. He loves old cars, he was talking about the car and the show.. loves nascar, we use to go to Talladega each year. but we cant afford it any more.. if I don’t win.. just try to give it to someone that will take good care of the car. and must be a Earnhardt fan….lol . Sandra sparks

  16. i have always been a chevy guy and i saw the fast and loud crew at the cowboys game. this car rocks, i would love to have it!

  17. Ron Abbate on said:

    I would love to win the diet mountain dew car. I live in Florida, so the weather would be good for it, with out rusting out. I am a 100% Disabled Viet Nam Vet, and the car is the right high for me to get in or out. I have an empty garage to put it in for protection.

  18. Joe Bednarczyk on said:

    Love the Crazy Nomad……

  19. Got the color Mountain Dew
    Where is the logo

  20. I live in Paferson,NJ where there isn’t much opportunities. I never really got the chance to get something I want when I was younger. Now that I am an adult i try and get as much things as I can before I die. I want to feel accomplished and with this opportunity i will feel like i finally earned what i deserve. I want to be able to show this car off and feel like I have something other people.dont. I have done good all my life,this will make me feel likeall the things i have done was for something. I love the show as well.

  21. Cynthia Denton on said:

    My brother Tony Cope has recently had a second hip operation. He is finally doing much better after a year of suffering. Tony has restored cars since age 16. He is now 61 years old.I would LOVE TO GIVE US THE CHANCE TO SEE THE SHOW.

  22. Todd Epp on said:

    One thing can be said. BAD ASS!

  23. Stephen Kirkpatrick on said:

    The nomad is one of the sweetest cars that has come out of Gas Monkey garage! I love watching Richard and the guys rebuild those old cars, they haven’t disappointed me yet. Big fan of Fast N’ Loud as well as a big fan of Dale Jr. That nomad would look nice with me cruising it around in my small town of Coleman, here in Texas. I’ve got to win this car! Love it!!!!!

  24. carmalla shields on said:

    I would love to have this car my grandpa would to see one. It would a good birthday gift for me on 10/10/2013 I would just about anything for this car. I watch the show when they put it together it was so cool and I love watching Mr. Dale.

  25. ethel herrera on said:

    Would love to win that pretty green car my boyfriend would love it!! Let me win…..

  26. MARION LEE STEEN on said:

    love the show,would love to have a friend like dennis,i owned a shop in maui ,city of kihei.i did alot of what you guys do. i got sick 2007, lost my 2r ss chevelle, had to let a71ss elkie, and my shop with many other toys the nomad would help my feelings alot . it is awesome and awesome men built it and astand up man owns it. ,hell just to meet you guys and talk story .oh yeah there are some good pickings on all those islands. need to win god bless youall lee

  27. This is MONKEY MADNESS!!!! love DEW and the show .

  28. Matthew Avent on said:

    I’m trying to ride like fast and loud wow.

  29. kevin thompson on said:


  30. George Loera on said:

    Erik’s bike is the bomb.

  31. Kid Rome on said:

    Winning the car would b something yes, but hell id rather meet the crew of gas monkey and Dale no doubt…. But don’t get me wrong id would drive that car everywhere!!!!

  32. David L Huber on said:

    What can I say, Dale Jr, Fast n Loud and Diet Dew Rules!!! The 56 Dew Nomad rules too!!! If I win I would drive the 56 daily!!!

  33. Mark Allan Brown on said:

    Would love to win Dale Jr’s Nomad build from Fast n Loud/Gas Monkey Garage!

  34. joann brown on said:

    Dale Jr is my favorite driver. It would be awesome to win his nomad.

  35. Andre Hall on said:

    Ready for that beautiful car.

  36. Muffet Wale on said:

    I was born in 56 so what better car to drive then a Chevy that is the same year Fast,, Loud ,, voommmm voommmmmm going,going ,gone weeeee.

  37. Sid Mokerski on said:

    Love that car I wish I wish I might I would happy happy happy!!! It would a real gold rush too Winn that great prize from the great guys on both sides of the build .

  38. I really want that car need it and I won’t even sell it

  39. I want to know who won the car or what state won the car I hope it was me it would be a blessing the sky in remember of my grAndfather so please let the people kow
    N did Anybody won

  40. Richard Cody on said:

    Love the show and all the characters

  41. Andrew Bowling on said:

    Richard I watch your show every Monday..Me and my dad run a body shop in a small town about 20mins north of Raleigh NC .Called Creedmoor .I’m now 34 yrs old and have been in the shop since I was five..started out sweeping the floor..now I’m shop manager.painter,master frame tech.ac tech.and body work and customs ..(and the headaches in the office when dads out) I would love yo own this var ,its one of my favorites ..

  42. Andrew Bowling on said:

    Would love to own this car..its one of my favorites..this body style is just sick..

  43. john lucas on said:

    love the show

  44. Dana Spaulding on said:

    this is the hottest car ever I Love it!!!!!

  45. kenneth bush on said:

    I said something about 56 chevy, her reply was she would leave me if I get. I need to to see if she kept her word lol. I am living on borrowed time what better way than to go out in this ride

  46. John Bartos on said:

    Great remake of :Smokey and the Bandit !!