$100,000 Elle 100 Grand Cash Giveaway 2013


How does the 100 Grand Giveaway work? That’s usually my first question when entering a giveaway of this magnitude. Is this a marketing ploy or is $100,000 cash really up for grabs. Well, when reading the fine print for this giveaway, you’ll learn, it’s the real deal, this giveaway is 100% legitimate. How you ask? Simple, this 100 Grand Giveaway from Elle started all the way back in November 2011 and the winner is selected in January 2014! So they are basically collecting tons of entries for just under 3 years and then the winner of $100,000 cash is announced March, 31st 2014. You reserve the right to enter this giveaway daily. One household email each day every day is allowed. Make sure you pickup your phone check your email and your mail box for contact on March 31st 2014, because you could easily be the winner of the $100,000 cash but after 30 days of no response, you no longer are the rightful winner of the giveaway. Elle Magazine must get over $100,000 worth of leads and sign ups for this giveaway to be worth their time and financial investment. It’s quite an obligation and promise to uphold. So what would you do with the 100 grand? Would you use it to purchase a home? Or maybe an apartment for rental income/investment? I personally know a guy from England who won over $100,000 from the lottery and he took an entire 1 year trip across the entire United States. By the time he was done, he had spent every single penny. He said it was a remarkable experience, I personally could not imagine wasting away that much money in as quick as a year. You could invest $100,000 to generate such an amazing source of residual income to make your finances so much more stable. Winning $100,000 from the Elle Giveaway would simply allow me to have ease of mind and better financial freedom. My family will be better taken care of.

Elle Cash Giveaway

Enter daily to Win $100,000 Cash from the Elle Cash Giveaway!

100000 Elle Cash Giveaway 100 Grand Giveaway

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