$10,000 Dollar IKEA Kitchen Sweepstakes 2013


Winning the IKEA Kitchen Sweepstakes 2013 would make you $10,000 richer towards the creation of a brand new kitchen. Enter the IKEA sweepstakes today. This is a Sponsored by HGTV Sweepstakes. Think about all the times you’ve watched kitchen makeover shows on HGTV. Imagine being the recipient of one of those amazing kitchens. It would be a dream come true. Think of all of the possibilities when it comes to creating a brand new kitchen with $10,000. First, you could walk through an IKEA store, and store and inspect each and every IKEA kitchen pre-assembled on the IKEA floor. Why you ask? Well, simple. The IKEA team spends hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars analyzing and designing their fake rooms and kitchens to create the more aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. If you decide to buy an entire IKEA kitchen the way they design it, you’ll save on time, and money. You’ll know exactly what the kitchen looks like in person. You’ll be able to feel the kitchen space and you’ll get to select the exact appliances and storage space. When it comes to design, you can work with several options. One option is, modern and sleek kitchen; keep with a contemporary look. Dark palette, straight lines and space age stove range and hood. Maybe you would prefer a country kitchen. Elaborate wooden carvings, large kitchen island, ornate wooden shelves. Beautiful white and airy color palette, feel like you’re out in the country and rolling hills, but still with amazing new beautiful appliances with amazing granite counter tops and brand new everything. Kitchens are the life force of a home, they are the center focus, where everyone hangs out. Kids do their homework in the kitchen, mothers cook dinners in the kitchen and you watch tv in the living room from your kitchen when getting food and hanging out. Not to mention that the $10,000 IKEA kitchen also increases the values of your home by at least $20,000!

IKEA Kitchen Sweepstakes 2013

  • Win $10,000 towards a new kitchen
  • IKEA Kitchen!
  • $10,000 IKEA Gift Cards
  • Ends August 23, 2013

Enter the $10,000 IKEA Sweepstakes to win cash for a Free Kitchen today!

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