100 Grand giveaway: Sports car sweepstakes 2013

100000 Sports Car Sweepstakes 2013


Enter for your chance to win a 100 grand giveaway from Road and Track magazine. Road & Track are giving away $100,000 and you can buy the sleekest Corvette in town. You know some heads are going to turn when you blast your way down the road in your brand new sports car. This car screams adventure! I can just hear that engine roar and the music blurring out. You bet the girls or for that matter guys will be well impressed when you turn up in your brand spanking new Corvette. Not many cars on the road today look this irresistible and you know you deserve it. Enter before March 1st 2014, for this mega 100 grand giveaway. Who doesn’t love a good win a car sweepstakes and it only gets better the sporty and louder the engine! Your going to look like a millionaire when you put the pedal to the metal in this bad boy. The Corvette has been blazing a trail in the sports car world since its inception in 1953. Since then people all over America have lapped up this ultra sporty but ever so gritty sports car. A $100,00 is a whole lot of money and who wouldn’t want to get their hands on it. Most people grow up dreaming about driving around in their brand new corvette. Imagine heading down the highway the cool breeze in your hair, favorite songs on the radio and the sounds of the engine roaring. Cash sweepstakes rule!

Win $100,ooo Giveaway

  • $100,000 Cash giveaway
  • Enter before March 1st 2014

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100000 Sports Car Sweepstakes 2013

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  1. Want a nice car so bad

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    yes i can use it